The two Premier League giants Manchester United and Liverpool will face each other today at Old Trafford. Let’s see what the two managers have to say about the clash!

Liverpool have last won the Premier League in 1990, decades ago. They have come close to winning the Premier League in recent years, notably in the 2013-14 season, where they eventually lost to Manchester City. This season Liverpool are once again the contenders of the Premier League and hope to win it this time after a gap of 29 years.

On the other hand, Manchester United have been the more successful side in the last decades, among the two. They have dominated since 1992. But the 13 times Premier League champions have not won the league since 2012-13, which was Alex Ferguson’s last season at the helm of Manchester United.


Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer told reporters: “This year they are in the race, no question, and it looks like it’s going to be an exciting finish. It is difficult to win the league here. It is probably the toughest league to win and when you look at it there are only five or six teams that have won the Premier League. Leicester [City] did it – which was a miracle – before that Blackburn [Rovers] did it, but then there were a few big clubs that have won it.
I’m sure Liverpool do feel under more pressure each season that goes by but we have to remember we’ve not won a title for a few years either. We need to get back to being involved, I wouldn’t like to see this club end up just being happy to be among the top four. If you aim too low and reach your targets then that’s more dangerous than aiming too high and missing them.”

If Manchester United defeats Liverpool today, that would be a huge blow for Liverpool’s title contention and Manchester City will get the advantage. But Solskjaer refused to help others other than Manchester United itself. He told: “Liverpool at Old Trafford is always the first game you look for on the fixture list. That’s the same every year but this feels even bigger because Liverpool are going for the title with City. I think the whole of Manchester will be supporting us but we won’t be trying to do anyone any favors except ourselves.”

Solskjaer with Pogba

Solskjaer has praised Paul Pogba for his leadership abilities and focus on the game. He has scored nine goals and provided six assists in all competitions since caretaker manager Solskjaer replaced Jose Mourinho in December. Solskjaer added: “Paul is a leader in training, he is a leader in the dressing room. Players are allowed to be themselves and that’s my job as well – to allow that. He spends a lot of energy being a leader on and off the pitch. If you want the nice car, different haircut, that’s no problem.
And you would be surprised by the number of minutes he’s played this season. Apart from David de Gea and maybe Nemanja Matic he has played the most minutes for us in the league even though there was a perception that Jose left him out all the time.”


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has made clear that he wants all the three points from Old Trafford but also insisted that it won’t guarantee them the Premier League and a loss too would not deny them a chance at the Premier League. Klopp told reporters: “Would we like to win the game and go three points in front of City, of course we would. Would a victory over United be worth more than three points? No, because we still have to play Tottenham and Chelsea and other difficult teams before the end of the season.
We actually have three big games this week and United is only one. After that we play Watford, who are a really good side and would be in the top six if they could be a little more consistent, then Everton away.
If you are where we are, at or near the top of the table and going for the title, every single game is important. United look in great shape, Solskjaer has put them back on track and if we can go there and win it would be a tremendous result, but the three points would not be more significant than any others we might collect. If we can stay strong until the end of the season everything will be fine. We cannot allow ourselves to place too much importance on one result.”

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