Mohun Bagan have signed in Haitian international winger Sony Norde for the 2018-19 I-League season.

Sony Norde had previously won the National league and Federation cup in the earlier seasons with Mohun Bagan. But had to leave India for knee surgery just after the fourth match of stay UPDATED :)last season.This will be his fifth season with the National club of India

The signing was confirmed by Mohun Bagan director Swapan Sadhan Bose. He said,

“With immense pleasure, I wish to announce that Mohun Bagan has completed the signing with Sony Norde for 2018-19 football season. He is in Miami and will apply for his visa by today (Thursday) for which the necessary formalities are being addressed”.

Return of the magician

He also added,”He has agreed to undergo the required medical and physical fitness test upon his arrival in Kolkata. He will be registered with The Indian Football Association (WB) after successful completion of medical and physical fitness tests”.

This is going to be Mohun Bagan’s key addition this season as Norde claims some of the most successful performances under this club. The Mohun Bagan fans hope that he comes back stronger this season after his injury.

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