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ZOOOK launches 12-Watt Fast Charge PowerMate 4 Power Bank

ZOOOK, the French lifestyle brand known for industry-first consumer-centric products, has launched Power Mate 4, a budget-friendly power bank designed for those who do not prefer to lag behind. Priced at just Rs 1499, the device is touted to become a consumer favourite, with its 12 Watt Fast Charge feature, a much-needed solution sought in the domain. Compatible with chargers for everyday devices like mobile phones, TWS devices, tablets, cameras, and USB charging compatible devices, Power Mate 4 is set to revolutionize the way we look at charging.

This 12-Watt Fast Charge power bank utilises intelligent power management and can easily charge up to 2 devices simultaneously with the help of Dual USB output. Powered by an advanced lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh, the device looks sleek and chic with its smoothened edges perfect to be carried in your bag for the times when you need it the most. It has a LED battery display set up to know the battery status & has dual input – Micro USB and Type C for charging the power bank, with a Type C cable included.

ZOOOK launches 12-Watt Fast Charge PowerMate 4 Power Bank

“According to a study by Report Linker, a market research agency, and I quote ‘The Global Power Bank Market size is expected to reach $22.8 billion by 2028, and a market growth of 18.6% CAGR will be seen during this period.’ Keeping this trend and the needs of the consumers in mind, ZOOOK will be coming up with more such devices in the category. The focus will be on providing latest technology at budget-friendly, made as per the needs of the Indian market.”

Zoook Powermate 4 the device is available at leading retail outlets. This truly portable power bank will be the solution for fast battery-depleting electronic devices and will keep you connected and entertained as you take on the world.

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