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Zoom for Chromebooks now defaults to its Progressive Web App

Zoom for Chromebooks initially lacked many of the capabilities found in the same experience on Windows and other platforms, but after the release of its Progressive Web App (PWA) last year, it finally caught up. Zoom now uses the PWA by default on Chromebooks.

In 2021, the Zoom PWA made its debut on ChromeOS as a considerable improvement over the earlier Chrome app. It added a completely new user interface, as well as functionality like backdrop replacement and reactions. The app initially had a few significant problems, such as blank displays and severely restricted Gallery View, but it has since slowly improved.

Although there is a better option available, Zoom has chosen to continue using its Chrome app as the primary method of attending meetings.

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Owners of Chromebooks would receive a page instructing them to download the Zoom software from the Chrome Web Store when attempting to attend a meeting using a link. Although the page stayed online for some time after the app was formally discontinued in August of this year.


Zoom has updated the procedure for joining a meeting using a link to default to the PWA on Chromebooks as of this month. The page now prominently displays a “Launch Meeting” button that launches the PWA along with a second link that invites people to “join from your browser,” albeit in our limited testing, this still appears to launch the PWA experience.

Along with a tonne of other updates over the past few months, the Zoom PWA recently included a new symbol when you install it on your device, support for sign language interpretation, the capacity to exchange files in meeting chat, and much more.

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