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YouTube, Netflix, and Apple Make Moves in the Gaming Industry 2023

The gaming industry is becoming increasingly competitive, with both established players and newcomers vying for a slice of the growing market. In 2023, some long-standing contenders attempted to carve a niche among gamers, while fresh entrants emerged on the scene.

The battle for user screen time has intensified, with YouTube recently making a significant move into the gaming arena. While these may not be heavyweight gaming experiences, they underscore the strategic intent of tech companies to make strides in the gaming sector.

YouTube Entering in Gaming Industry

YouTube, a platform traditionally associated with video content, has upped its game by venturing into gaming. Although not featuring heavyweight games, YouTube’s foray into gaming signals a shift in the industry landscape. Meanwhile, Netflix, known for its emphasis on binge-watching, has introduced gaming.

Subscribers gain access to certain game titles by downloading a separate app on their phones or tablets, with Netflix serving as the gateway. While the Netflix app itself does not facilitate gaming, the subscription provides access to games tied to popular Netflix shows like Narcos and Stranger Things, as well as standalone titles like Hello Kitty and Football Manager.

Apple, acknowledging the Mac’s historical weakness in gaming despite its impressive capabilities, introduced a gaming mode for macOS. This feature aims to enhance the gaming experience on Macs, catering to both casual gamers and seasoned professionals.

Apple’s M-series processors are also receiving gaming-centric upgrades, indicating the company’s ambition to attract hardcore gamers to the Mac platform. The gaming mode is seamlessly integrated, automatically activating when any game is played, allowing users to enjoy almost any AAA title on the Mac—a capability the previous generation of macOS lacked.

YouTube, recognized as the go-to platform for a wide range of content, is entering the gaming realm with YouTube Playables, an offering exclusively available to Premium subscribers. Premium subscribers gain access to a Playables tab, featuring a selection of games such as Angry Birds Showdown, Daily Crossword, and Freecell Solitaire, among others. This move by YouTube reflects an awareness of the substantial gamer audience and seeks to engage them with diverse gaming experiences.


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