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Young Royals (Season 2): Everything We Know About Prince Wilhelm and Simon’s New Challenges 

Netflix unveils the first trailer of the second season of Swedish teen drama Young Royals. It’s quite promising that there is plenty of drama and tension rolling in the relationship between Prince Wilhelm, and Simon Erikson. 

The new trailer for the last season has showered light on what the viewers can expect. There is a new school year at the elite boarding school, Hillerska, which also brings new love and a lot of drama. The clip also starts with new love and plenty of drama. The clip starts with students being welcomed back for a new academic year. When Wilhelm and Simon also struggle to return back to the way they had during the last academic year.


At the end of the first season, we will see a dramatic cliffhanger, while Wilhelm’s cousin August has leaked a scandalous video of Wilhelm and Simon. There are some leaked videos that have damaged Wilhelm’s and Simon’s budding romance as Simon’s life has been invaded by negative press. The scandal put a rift between Wilhelm and August, as Wilhelm becomes also determined that’s the exact revenge going to make his cousin’s life a living hell. 

The second season also will focus on the resolution of the scandal. There are some tensions and awkwardness lingering in the air. Wilhelm and Simon also dealing a kind of trust issues. The most important thing is the pain that’s not being together. When August has dealt with such immense guilt she turns to Sara for help.

At a point, Simon tells Wilhelm “They don’t wait for you associated with me,” to which Wilhelm just shakes his head and replies “I’m staying.” the new trailer also concludes with Wilhelm and Simon embracing, Wilhelm also asked, “What will happen to us?”  Along with friendships, scandals, and a monarchy at the risk. The second season is sure to give a lot of drama and entertainment to the viewers. 

y3 Young Royals (Season 2): Everything We Know About Prince Wilhelm and Simon's New Challenges 

Young Royals (Season 2): Cast 

Young Royals is a Scandinavian teen drama that reveals the fictional Prince Wilheim of Sweden who is a young royal who is sent to a private boarding school named Hillerska. The show features Ryding, Rudberg Argento, Gardiner, Nikita Uggla, Perilla August, and many more.  The story of the film has been written by Lisa Ambjorn Pia Gradvall, Sodie Firsman, and Tove Dorsman. The producer of the show is Martin Soder and Lars Beckung. 

Young Royals (Season 2): Release Date 

The Season 2 of Young Royals will hit on Netflix on 1st November 2022. 

Here is the trailer: 

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