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This Xiaomi 12S Ultra-based concept phone can support a mount for Leica M lenses

The introduction of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra and its 1″ sensor helped to bridge the gap between smartphones and high-end digital cameras. However, even that has fixed-focus lenses, just like a standard smartphone. T

Xiaomi’s concept phone details

These ideas were being developed simultaneously, one of which became the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. The business is now providing a rare behind-the-scenes look. The second device combines a smartphone and a mirrorless camera.

A second 1″ sensor that is not covered by its lens is present in this ideal device (but it is covered by sapphire glass for protection).

This makes it possible for the user to attach Leica M mount lenses, enabling (semi-)professional use. With a sophisticated camera program that enables focus peaking, zebra lines, a histogram, and other features that photographers have grown to expect, a wide range of lenses are combined. naturally, and 10-bit RAW support.

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The device is hefty since an adapter is needed. However, take note of the fact that we said “second 1″ sensor”; this idea can shoot photos and videos like a regular phone because it has the same primary camera as the Xiaomi 12S Ultra (1″ sensor, 23mm lens), as well as an ultra-wide camera (13mm), both of which can be used without the need for any additional hardware.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra

There have previously been lens accessories for smartphones, however, it is a poor design because it requires light to go through both the external lens and the phone’s lens, which results in light losses and a softer image.

In contrast to other Xiaomi concepts, this one transmits light directly to the sensor through an attached Leica lens (except for the protective glass that keeps dust and water out).

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When you attach a lens, this behaves more like a 1″ mirrorless camera. But unlike a traditional mirrorless camera, this one is also endowed with sophisticated computational photographic abilities made possible by the potent Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 engine.

Again, add-on lenses that are placed on top of the smartphone’s lens behave differently. Not like the lens-style cameras, Sony promoted a decade ago, either.

The phone served only as a display for those various digital cameras. It’s also not like the Android-powered cameras that also have phone capabilities. The lenses on those were fixed. Xiaomi and Leica created something quite special with this.

Although we don’t have all the information about this prototype smartphone, it is unmistakably made by the same company as the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. Additionally, it features full IP68 dust and water protection with the same gripping faux leather back.

To make the frame more durable, the manufacturer did add some strengthening where the lens connects.

If Xiaomi would market this Xiaomi 12S Ultra-based concept device, has not been stated. Because the incoming Xiaomi 13 Pro is said to include a 1″ sensor as well, it’s possible that a special edition of that smartphone would be more suited. In any case, Sony had better keep this in mind when developing its next Xperia Pro phone.


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