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Xbox Shakes Up Mobile Gaming with Web-based Store Launch in July and Cloud Gaming Growth

In July 2024, Microsoft’s gaming division, Xbox, will launch its own mobile game store and make a significant contribution to the mobile market.

This move, which could challenge the dominance of Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, signals a significant change in the gaming landscape.


A Web-based Solution for Wider Reach

Unlike traditional app stores, Xbox’s offering will be accessible through a web browser. This strategic decision allows the store to bypass the limitations and regulations imposed by Apple and Google, ensuring wider availability across all devices and regions.

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In a recent interview with Bloomberg Tech, Sarah Bond, president of Xbox, stressed this point, saying that the store is accessible to all devices, all countries, regardless of the policies of closed ecosystem stores.

Microsoft Games Lead the Charge

The popular Microsoft owned titles such as Minecraft and Candy Crush Saga will be included in the initial release. This is a tactical move to leverage existing player bases and demonstrate the potential of this store.

The platform will be made available to developers of 3rd party games, which will foster a more diverse gaming experience and lead to the creation of truly cross-platform libraries.

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Cloud Gaming on the Rise

Bond also spoke about the impressive growth of Xbox Cloud Gaming beyond that mobile store. This service allows players, without the need for strong hardware, to play top quality games straight on their devices.

image 2 17 Xbox Shakes Up Mobile Gaming with Web-based Store Launch in July and Cloud Gaming Growth

Microsoft is experiencing “tremendous growth” in this area, with demand exceeding supply. In order to address this issue, the company intends to invest more in cloud gaming infrastructure, expand capacity and offer new ways of playing on it. This commitment is in keeping with Microsoft’s belief that cloud gaming isn’t just a niche market, but an important driver of growth across the industry.

A Player-Centric Approach

Bond highlighted the player-centric approach behind Xbox’s mobile strategy. The aim is to create a single gaming experience that allows players to access their libraries, identities, and rewards across different devices, breaking the limits of individual ecosystems.

Mobile gamers who frequently switch from one device to another may find this focus on player convenience and freedom appealing.

images 3 7 Xbox Shakes Up Mobile Gaming with Web-based Store Launch in July and Cloud Gaming Growth

Mobile Expertise from Activision Blizzard

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard in early 2024 undoubtedly played a role in Microsoft’s mobile push. Activision Blizzard’s extensive mobile gaming expertise is a valuable asset, allowing Xbox to leverage their knowledge and resources to compete effectively in this market segment.

The Future of Xbox Mobile and Cloud Gaming

Exciting developments in the gaming sector include the launch of Microsoft’s mobile store for Xbox and continuing growth into cloud gaming. Xbox is in a position to disrupt the mobile gaming landscape with its web based approach and focus on player experience.

images 4 7 Xbox Shakes Up Mobile Gaming with Web-based Store Launch in July and Cloud Gaming Growth

In addition, Microsoft’s commitment to the expansion of gaming into Cloud might lead to a more general audience having access to top quality experiences that could have an impact on the entire sector.

The overall picture of mobile and cloud gaming on Microsoft’s Xbox appears bright, although details concerning studio closures are still unclear. Microsoft could be an important force in the field of Mobile Games, if it continued to invest and build strategic partnerships.

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