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Xbox Cloud Gaming: New Update Is Here, See What Spencer Says

It has been quite a while since Xbox Cloud Gaming was introduced by Microsoft. It was launched in the year 2019 and back then it was in its infancy phase. 

Hence, there weren’t many features or something like that. At that time Corporate Vice President Kareem Choudhry of Microsoft promised that by 2020, players could play their own games. 

However, as we all are well aware, that till now, this promise hasn’t been materialized. So, Xbox Cloud Gaming is exclusively tied to the Game Pass Ultimate subscription. 

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But now, we are hearing that this promise is going to materialize soon. Wondering, what it could be, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, we are going to dwell on that. So, without any delays let’s dive in. 

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Xbox Cloud Gaming In 2024 

Above we have discussed that back in the initial phase of Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft promised that soon players can play their own games. However, we all know that this good time hasn’t arrived yet. 

Now, we are finally getting an update on it and it is straight from Phil Spencer. Recently an Xbox user managed to talk with Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer and got an update on Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

In the background, there is a known gamer, Spencer also seen frequently interacting with the community while playing games. While sometimes these interactions are fruitful giving something to players, sometimes these are just talks. 

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This time, an Xbox user NASburg asked him about the developmental work going on with Xbox Cloud Gaming. Especially about the feature of owned games, where players can play their own games. 

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In the reply, the executive said that it ‘should’ arrive to the wider public at some point in 2024. Well, he used the word ‘should’ purposely, so there are 50 – 50 chances of releasing the feature this year. 

Earlier they promised to offer this feature by 2020, but as we know it was delayed. So, we don’t know for sure whether we will be able to welcome Xbox Cloud Gaming this year or not. 

However, the executive has said that it can be released this year, so this raised expectations of players. As it is said later is better than never, so we are hoping that it will get released in 2024. 

We all know that Microsoft has played a big bet on its Xbox Cloud Gaming, in the hope that it can expand core games. Its plan was to expand to the massive mobile market, however, adoption has been slow. 

As of the end of 2023, there are only around 39.6 million playing cloud users according to Newzoo’s latest report. Although the company is anticipating significant growth in the upcoming years. But we can’t decline the fact that Xbox Cloud Gaming is expanding satisfactorily. 

We can just hope to see better results once Xbox Cloud Gaming is launched. Stay tuned for more updates on Xbox games and Xbox Cloud Gaming.  


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