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Wolf Pack: Paramount+ has explored Werewolf Universe as Crawling as the horizon 

Paramount+ has entered into the Werewolf universe based on a full moon crawling across the horizon. The new film is set to explore the supernatural creature or two in the new Paramount+ series Wolf Pack. The new film has been helmed by Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis.

The werewolf show has set to embrace the tale of a group of teenagers who will get their lives rapidly changed through a mysterious creature awoken during the raging Californian wildfires. In just weeks we will go until the show’s release along with the streaming giant has finally unveiled an official trailer for the fantasy drama. 


The brand-new trailer unveils a school bus halted as wildfires engulf an amber-cloaked forest. As things become submerged in smoke, with a pack of creatures desperately unlocks those scenes just before attacking the students. Things are rapidly detoxicated as one of the students has seen inside the fog covered in blood. It is rapidly attempting to warn his friend “there’s something out there” before he has been cut off and pulled back into the smoke – nowhere to be seen.

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Two terrified teens have been caught alarmingly featuring in the distance, presumably moments just before they have been attacked by the strange mysterious creature. Things have been rapidly escalated from there as the teenagers have sent into a panic over their drastic transformations containing fangs, glowing eyes, and killer claws. 

In this film, we will see the investigator Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kirsten Ramsey befriends Rodrigo Santoro as Sheriff Garrett Briggs. They might attempt to hunt down any of the teens on the school bus. Kirsten’s confidence is definitely not a “seven-foot-tall monster” is wildly shaken when she and the sheriff stumble across blood-soaked tracks. Now, the things eventually unveil a roar that can only belong to one creature. In the closing sequence, one of the teens is heard telling the sheriff that they’ve “never killed anything before” to which he mysteriously responds “you’ve never had a pack before.”  

w3 3 Wolf Pack: Paramount+ has explored Werewolf Universe as Crawling as the horizon 

The sequence has been adapted from Edo van Belkom’s book having the same title, Wolf Pack has set to be perfectly aware of the reality of being both a teen on raging hormones and a werewolf with amplified senses. This has also included the element of the newbie wolves keeping their identities a secret on navigating their rapid metamorphosis.

This is impossible not to draw comparisons between Wolf Pack. Teen Wolf has provided Davis successfully helmed for the latter across six seasons. It has set to do so once more for the upcoming movie.  Wolf Pack going to pull on the different threads of werewolf folklore. For opting for the notably darker and grittier approach on the topic. 

Wolf Pack: Cast 

Alongside Gellar and Santoro, Wolf Pack is also set to star Armani Jackson, Bella Shepard, Chloe Rose Robertson, and Tyler Lawrence Gray. Gellar’s leading character comes in addition to her role as executive producer, alongside Davis. It looks like 2023 is set to be a launchpad for the resurgence of werewolf dramas. 

Wolf Pack: Release Date 

Wolf Pack roars onto screens on Paramount+ from  26th January 2023. 

Here is the trailer: 

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