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Why Jurgen Klopp Decided to Leave Liverpool: Understanding the Reasons Behind His Surprise Announcement

In November of last year (2023), Fenway Sports Group president Mike Gordon received a call that he had been dreading for quite some time. The voice on the other end belonged to Jurgen Klopp. Despite the on-field success of “Liverpool 2.0” following the summer rebuild, Klopp’s message to the club’s American owners wasn’t a positive progress report.

HAVFXVJUKFNABMSHC5ANIUS3OQ 1 Why Jurgen Klopp Decided to Leave Liverpool: Understanding the Reasons Behind His Surprise Announcement
FILE PHOTO: Soccer Football – Premier League – Liverpool v Arsenal – Anfield, Liverpool, Britain – April 9, 2023 Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp acknowledges fans after the match REUTERS/Phil Noble/File Photo

Klopp conveyed that, after deep reflection, he had decided that the ongoing season would mark the end of his tenure at Anfield. Firm in his decision, he expressed that he lacked the energy to continue and didn’t want to perform the job with only “three wheels.”

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Why Jurgen Klopp Chose to Leave Liverpool – and the Next Steps for FSG

In April 2022, Jurgen Klopp’s unexpected decision to extend his contract until 2026 came as a pleasant surprise to Fenway Sports Group (FSG), especially considering his earlier inclination to take a sabbatical. However, as the news reached FSG executives John W Henry and Tom Werner, they realized that attempting to change Klopp’s mind would be futile.

Contrary to financial considerations or having another job in the pipeline, Klopp’s choice was purely about taking a break from the relentless pressures of elite management. Despite the difficulty, the owners were unanimous in their decision to respect his choice.

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Klopp was granted the time and space he needed, and there was no rush to make immediate announcements. However, from November to late January, the 56-year-old remained steadfast in his stance.

The decision to publicly disclose this significant news on Friday was solely Klopp’s. He was eager to ensure that the staff, players, and supporters heard it directly from him first. Recognizing the risk of information leaking through the media, he believed that the longer he waited, the higher the likelihood of such leaks.

Klopp emphasized the importance of providing clarity to his inner circle and their families so they could begin planning for the future. Notably, assistants Pep Lijnders and Peter Krawietz, along with first-team development coach Vitor Matos, will also be departing.

In an ideal world, I wouldn’t have said anything to anybody until the end of the season. Win everything and then say goodbye, but that’s not possible,” Klopp explained. “Because nobody will sack me, I have to make this decision by myself.”

Pepijn Lijnders Image Credits Clubs Official Website Why Jurgen Klopp Decided to Leave Liverpool: Understanding the Reasons Behind His Surprise Announcement
Pepijn Lijnders, Image Credits- Club’s Official Website

Lijnders and Matos have aspirations of their own to step into managerial roles, and Klopp emphasizes that they will be prepared for a new challenge while he takes a year-long sabbatical starting this summer.

Meanwhile, uncertainty looms for other members of the backroom staff, including Andreas Kornmayer and John Achterberg, as they await confirmation on whether their services will be required in the upcoming era.

During a press conference at the AXA Training Centre, Klopp’s agent, Marc Kosicke, observed from the back of the room as the Liverpool manager, in a somber tone, discussed his decision. The emotional gathering took place in a packed media room.

The realization that he might not have the energy to continue struck Klopp during meetings about pre-season preparations for the 2024-25 season. Liverpool is set to play several warm-up games in the U.S. Klopp, usually the leading figure in such meetings, admitted, “I’m usually the leading part of these meetings, but I couldn’t (this time).”

The challenges of the previous season, where Liverpool finished fifth in the Premier League, had a profound impact. Despite turning down the opportunity to lead Germany in the European Championship, Klopp felt a duty to redirect his Anfield reign. However, he acknowledges, “My managerial skills are based on energy and emotion, and that takes all of you. If I cannot do it anymore, stop it.” The decision to extend his contract until 2026 was made with full conviction, but he now recognizes the limitations of his resources, admitting, “I’m not a young rabbit anymore.”

Klopp’s Surprise Departure: Behind the Scenes of the Emotional Announcement at Liverpool’s Training Centre

On Friday morning, Klopp orchestrated a carefully planned sequence of events. First, he held a staff meeting in the coaches’ room at the AXA Training Centre, followed by a meeting with the players in the dressing room around 10:30 am. Some players had dubbed this season “the Last Dance,” anticipating Klopp’s final push for something special with the team. However, the announcement caught them off guard.

UKO5DMAVONMPXH2ODNAU5NR7RQ 1 Why Jurgen Klopp Decided to Leave Liverpool: Understanding the Reasons Behind His Surprise Announcement
Soccer Football – Premier League – Liverpool v AFC Bournemouth – Anfield, Liverpool, Britain – August 19, 2023 Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp applauds fans after the match REUTERS/David Klein

After the meetings, the news was shared on social media, accompanied by a 25-minute interview with Klopp explaining his decision. The interview, filmed the day before with strict confidentiality, was released by the club’s media department.

Despite the shocking news, Liverpool proceeded with their training session as usual. Photos surfaced of Klopp appearing relaxed and smiling with the players as they prepared for the upcoming FA Cup tie against Norwich City.

The announcement had been well-kept, with only a few insiders aware. Klopp’s decision to hold the press conference for the Norwich game on Thursday, a day earlier than usual, had raised some eyebrows. The shift of Liverpool Women’s press conference to Saturday also hinted at an impending announcement. While some sensed it, few expected it to be of this magnitude.

The reactions from both staff and players were of complete shock. Apart from those in the know, no one foresaw this development. Tears were shed among some staff members.

Klopp seemed revitalized with Liverpool leading the Premier League, reaching the Carabao Cup final, progressing in the Europa League, and still competing in the FA Cup. The squad believed they had at least two more seasons with him at the helm. If this decision had been made a year earlier, it might have been more understandable, given the struggles and negativity in the previous season.

While Klopp’s managerial record with Liverpool is remarkable, his demanding presence had raised questions among some players and staff. Last May, after failing to qualify for the Champions League, there were speculations about him walking away. However, he stayed and remarkably revived the club’s fortunes.

In his speech to the players, Klopp humorously suggested that his departure was partly their fault for reaching such high levels, allowing him to pass the baton to someone else. He praised the talent in the squad and emphasized leaving Liverpool in a strong position as his legacy.

The players didn’t have a lot of questions,” he said. “I spoke to them all together and then a few after that. We have a really strong bond.

Usually when a manager is in a dressing room and talks like that, he got sacked. It isn’t like that because of the things we achieved, so that is why my responsibility is so big.”

We had last year’s situation and I think a lot of managers would have got the sack and there was never any intention to do that and my responsibility grows and grows, so when it is not right anymore I have to tell.”

During the players’ interaction, Klopp acknowledged his growing responsibility and explained that when things are no longer right, he has to make that decision. Concerned about the impact on the training session, he was pleased to see business as usual and encouraged the players to write more chapters in the club’s history before his departure in May. He expressed confidence that this announcement would serve as a galvanizing force rather than a distraction.

The Klopp Era’s Aftermath: Liverpool Navigating Uncharted Waters, Managerial Search, and Contract Uncertainties

Klopp is firm about not making a U-turn like Sir Alex Ferguson in 2002 and has no intention of playing a role in selecting his successor, stating, “The last thing they need is advice from the old man.” He dismisses the suggestion that a lack of financial backing from the owners influenced his decision and clarifies that FSG has nothing to do with it. Klopp has always acknowledged the financial constraints of the club’s self-sustaining model, making his accomplishments at Anfield even more remarkable.

The search for a successor began in November when Fenway Sports Group (FSG) received Klopp’s decision. The data department, led by director of research Will Spearman, has been working on background research for the past two months to identify potential candidates globally who align with Liverpool’s style of play. While no approaches have been made at this stage, the active search for a new manager is now underway.

Jurgen Klopp with John Henry Founder of FSG Co Owner of Liverpool Image Credits The Sun Why Jurgen Klopp Decided to Leave Liverpool: Understanding the Reasons Behind His Surprise Announcement
Jurgen Klopp with John Henry, Founder of FSG & Co Owner of Liverpool (Image Credits- The Sun)

Liverpool plans to appoint a new sporting director before finalizing the selection of a new manager. Gordon, who appointed Klopp in 2015, will spearhead the recruitment process. Interim sporting director Jorg Schmadtke, appointed as a temporary solution, will leave Liverpool next week.

With the news now public, Liverpool can actively engage with managerial agents. The focus is on securing a sporting director first, followed by the identification and appointment of a new manager.

Amid the emotional announcement on Friday, it was confirmed that senior players Mohamed Salah, Virgil van Dijk, and Trent Alexander-Arnold, all within the last 18 months of their contracts, are waiting for talks about their futures. Klopp’s decision to leave in the summer may influence their bargaining position, and they are likely to seek assurances about the club’s direction before committing to new deals.

Klopp’s Successor: Xabi Alonso, De Zerbi, and Postecoglou Among Contenders

Xabi Alonso is considered the frontrunner to succeed Klopp, given his strong connection with the club as a former player and his successful stint at Bayer Leverkusen. Currently leading Leverkusen to the top of the Bundesliga, Alonso’s accomplishments with a smaller budget could make him an attractive choice for FSG. However, Alonso remained tight-lipped when asked about the Liverpool speculation, emphasizing his focus on Leverkusen and expressing admiration for Klopp’s achievements.

Other candidates on Liverpool’s radar include Brighton’s Roberto De Zerbi, Tottenham’s Ange Postecoglou, who is a Liverpool fan, and Brentford’s Thomas Frank. Julian Nagelsmann could also be of interest, but his commitments with Germany in the Euros may delay any potential move.

Klopp’s decision to step down has created uncertainty not only at Liverpool but also at other Premier League clubs. An anonymous figure from another top-flight club admitted anxiety due to the high-profile nature of the vacancy about to be created.

7XT7POWLGRKDRCPVGYVBH5BEAY Why Jurgen Klopp Decided to Leave Liverpool: Understanding the Reasons Behind His Surprise Announcement
Xabi Alonso, Image Credits- Reuters

FSG executives have reassured that Liverpool’s owners are committed for the long term, dispelling any intentions of selling their majority shareholding. Finding someone who can replicate Klopp’s success within their business model is acknowledged to be a daunting task. Klopp, often dubbed “The Normal One,” has defied expectations since his arrival in 2015.

Klopp acknowledged that his departure was not part of the original vision of Liverpool 2.0, but he believes the team and foundation are in place for continued success. He assures that the incoming manager, though unable to guarantee trophies, will have the opportunity to play attractive football. Klopp expressed confidence that Liverpool’s future remains bright if the belief, resilience, and style of football he instilled are maintained.

As FSG faces the challenge of replacing an irreplaceable figure, it marks a leap of faith for Liverpool without Klopp at the helm.


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