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What happened to 1860 Munich?

What happened to 1860 Munich?

image 3 What happened to 1860 Munich?

1860 Munich is an old-school football club from Germany. You have a great chance to win with 1xBet betting by placing wagers on German football teams too.

As their name suggests, they have been around since 1860. In fact, they even snagged the Bundesliga title in ’66. Those were definitely the glorious days of the team. However, and unfortunately for their fans, that golden era seemed to be nothing else than a distant memory. If you like the Bundesliga, you can win with the betting chances from 1xBet, where all teams from this competition can be wagered too.

When things come crashing down

Now, fast forward to the early 2000s, and they hit a rough patch. Imagine going from rubbing shoulders with the Bundesliga big shots to playing in what’s basically football’s minor leagues. Financial troubles slapped them quite hard, and by 2004, they were out of the Bundesliga, licking their wounds in the Regionalliga. The best 1xBet football live wagers are available for all members of the platform, where wagers on German football and other major competitions can be made too.

Here come the numbers. A club that once ruled the top flight suddenly found itself in the 3rd tier. Fans were probably wondering if they needed a map to locate their team in the football hierarchy. But hey, they clawed their way back to the 2. Bundesliga in 2006. It was not easy, but they made it. The best 1xBet live football bets are also available for wagering on teams from the 2. Bundesliga too.

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Extremely loyal fans

Despite the rollercoaster, the fans stuck around. Picture the Allianz Arena, shared with Bayern Munich, echoing with die-hard supporters. And those derby matches against Bayern are classic showdowns. However, they are an extremely rare occurrence nowadays. If you want, you can play secure casino 1xBet before these derbies are played.

The reason for this is obvious. On one hand, we have 1860 Munich struggling in the lower levels of German football. At the same time, Bayern Munich has been winning the top flight with barely any competition. Before the next winner of the Bundesliga is decided, you can play at the secure casino from the 1xBet platform and win great rewards.

This means that these 2 teams may play against each other in instances like:

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  • the DFB-Pokal;
  • friendly matches;
  • and other local German competitions.

Let’s hope that sooner rather than later it will be possible to enjoy those derbies once again.

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