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Warzone Caldera: Launched | Many Features Removed | Future of Resurgence Maps

According to the sources, Call of Duty Warzone has returned with a new name and some improvements after a protracted hiatus. The day the follow-up was launched, the popular battle royale was taken down. Warzone Caldera is the new name given to the game by Call of Duty. Since the brand wanted to concentrate more on the current Call of Duty universe, it was temporarily withdrawn.

However, the makers plan to republish it with certain improvements after some time, according to the official blog statement. So now that it’s returned, gamers can board the Caldera Island in the Pacific Ocean once more.

Warzone Caldera: Launched | Many Features Removed | Future of Resurgence Maps

credits – gamespot.com

Warzone Caldera: New Name & Features

Players will only be capable of playing one map moving forward, and Warzone will now be known as Warzone Caldera. The game will function independently from the current Call of Duty universe, offering the same classic experience as previously.

The Battle Pass and the in-game Store have been completely gone, which is the most significant change you will see after downloading it. However, there will be cross-progression between the game and the corresponding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Call of Duty: Vanguard titles for game XP, weapon XP, previously earned Battle Pass content, cosmetics, and more.

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Future of Resurgence Maps

The BR SOLOS and BR QUADS for Caldera are the only playlists that are currently accessible. There are no resurgence maps in the game, such as Fortune’s Keep or Rebirth Island. While fans of the revival may find this disappointing, the brand reminded them that they need not worry because WZ 2 would still have new content in the following seasons.

Warzone Caldera: Launched | Many Features Removed | Future of Resurgence Maps
credits – whatifgaming.com

Transferring Points

Players won’t be able to transfer any stuff from the original game to the sequel, and vice versa, as the two games will now exist separately. However, the Call of Duty points accumulated throughout the course of the previous game’s seasons can be carried over to the present one.

WZ 2 is now concurrently accessible on Battle Net and Steam. Call of Duty points cannot be transferred between various launchers, which is the tough part. Call of Duty points can only be accessed using the Battle Net launcher by players who have earned them there.

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Based on the sources, if a PC player already has Call of Duty points, it is advised that they use Battle Net to start the game and purchase items from the in-game shop. Then, if they use the same Activision account, they may reinstall the game on Steam and get the same stuff.

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