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Instagram has a new quiet mode. Learn more here (April 22)

There is now a remedy for people who pass the night scrolling idly through their Instagram feeds. Users in the UK, Canada, Ireland, US, New Zealand, UK, and Australia can now access Instagram’s “Quiet Mode,” which was unveiled on January 19, 2023.

According to a post by Meta, the company that owns Instagram, once the function is activated, users won’t receive alerts, their status will change to notify other users that they are in Quiet Mode, and Instagram will automatically reply to any direct messages they receive.

Instagram’s New ‘Quiet Mode’

The user will receive a list of all the alerts they missed after turning off the feature, according to Meta. According to a blog post on Meta’s website, the function “helps people focus and to encourage them to set limits with their friends and followers.” Instagram will ask youngsters who use the app excessively to select Quiet Mode at night even though the option is open to users of all ages.

download 47 jpeg Instagram has a new quiet mode. Learn more here (April 22)

Teenagers have indicated to us that they occasionally want to take time for themselves and maybe seek better ways to concentrate at night, while they study, and during class, according to a statement on the Meta website. Young people’s daily screen time has rapidly expanded during the last few years.

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Teenagers and preteens’ collective screen time has increased by 17% between 2019 and 2021, according to a Common Sense Media study. TechCrunch’s analysis of Data.ai’s research reveals that Instagram is the preferred app for individuals between the ages of 18 and 24, which highlights the notable surge in usage observed on platforms like Instagram.

3 54 Instagram has a new quiet mode. Learn more here (April 22)

Instagram added “nudges” in June as a way to alert users when they were spending too much time on a certain topic, particularly attractiveness comparison. On its website, Meta stated that 58.2% of respondents in an independent study on the effects of nudges on social networking sites use agreed or strongly agreed that nudges improved their social media experience by assisting users in becoming more attentive to their time on-platform.


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  1. <strong>Instagram has connected with FaceBook?</strong>

    Yes, Facebook is the owner of Instagram. Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 for approximately $1 billion. Since the acquisition, Instagram has operated as a separate platform, but it is part of the larger Facebook company.

  2. <strong>How can users learn more about quiet mode and digital well-being on Instagram?</strong>

    Users can explore Instagram’s Help Center, blog posts, and in-app resources to learn more about quiet mode, digital well-being tools, and tips for healthier social media usage.

  3. <strong>Is quiet mode available to all Instagram users?</strong>

    Yes, quiet mode is available to all Instagram users as part of the app’s ongoing efforts to promote digital well-being and provide users with tools to manage their social media usage effectively.

  4. <strong>What other features does Instagram offer to promote digital well-being?</strong>

    In addition to Quiet Mode, Instagram offers several features to promote digital well-being, including a “Your Activity” dashboard to track time spent on the app, the ability to set daily time limits, and options to mute accounts or filter comments. These features aim to empower users to maintain a healthy balance between online and offline activities.

  5. <strong>Does quiet mode affect how Instagram's algorithm shows content?</strong>

    Quiet mode on Instagram primarily affects notifications and user interaction prompts rather than how the app’s algorithm displays content in the feed or Explore tab.

  6. <strong>Can Quiet Mode be used in conjunction with other digital well-being features?</strong>

    Yes, Quiet Mode can be used alongside other digital well-being features offered by Instagram, such as screen time management tools and activity tracking. Users can leverage these features collectively to promote healthier social media habits.

  7. <strong>Can I still use Instagram while quiet mode is enabled?</strong>

    Yes, users can still use the Instagram app while quiet mode is enabled. However, they won’t receive notifications during the specified quiet hours, allowing for a more uninterrupted browsing experience.

  8. <strong>Can I schedule Quiet Mode to turn on automatically?</strong>

    Yes, Quiet Mode can be scheduled to turn on and off automatically at chosen times. You can set a recurring schedule that fits your daily routine directly within the Quiet Mode settings.


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