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Vivo, iQOO, and Oppo: Following Samsung’s Galaxy AI Footsteps

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as technology advances is a crucial arena for innovation in the smartphone world. Change has come to the smartphone industry and AI integration is now a key driver to innovation. Thus, Oppo, Vivo, and iQOO are following Samsung’s suit in regards to their interest in patents relating to AI.


More About Vivo, iQOO, and Oppo in the race for AI Features

Oppo has, in recent months, been fighting off patent claims on the AI tech, Oppo wants to support an AI technology that people will find useful for simplicity and value, and that will let Oppo stay ahead of phone-makers less interested in second-guessing what the future might bring – such as other handset makers.

Furthermore, Vivo, with the same owner as Oppo, does seem to have same thoughts about artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore, according to the trademarks ‘vivo AI Phone’ and ‘vivo intelligence’ Vivo does want to be a pioneer in the making of AI phones and therefore the fact to use these trademarks implies that Vivo intends to improve the devices by adding some of the most recent AI features, differentiating it from other smartphones.

image 88 22 jpg Vivo, iQOO, and Oppo: Following Samsung's Galaxy AI Footsteps

Also, under the same parent, a recent strong push from iQOO for AI-related patents has been seen in order to hold its position in the global AI market. For example, “iQOO Ai” and “iQOO Ai smartphone” are trademarks mentioned by their company which gives an idea of how iQOO speculates in the latest smartphones powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Basically, with any of these brands, iQOO would be taking care of their position as leading by ensuring that users get the latest technology powered by AI. Inspired by Samsung‘s Galaxy S24 series, which introduced groundbreaking features such, as Translate and Chat Assist driven by intelligence these companies are poised to introduce their array of innovative capabilities powered by AI.

image 88 23 jpg Vivo, iQOO, and Oppo: Following Samsung's Galaxy AI Footsteps

By building on these features, Oppo, Vivo, and iQOO aim to revolutionize the smartphone experience by making their devices even smarter and more user-friendly, than before. With the competition heating up consumers can expect a surge of AI-driven advancements that will shape the future of technology.


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