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Valve describes how Trackpad Simulates of Steam Deck upgrade the mouse accuracy

Steam Deck of Valve plans to change the entirety of users Steam library into games that can be played by one hand console, and a maximum of those experiences are actually to use buttons and thumbsticks, many players will find it very wired to play without the mouse. This reason led the designer of the steam deck to work very hard on this console’s trackpad.

Steam Deck coop scaled 1 Valve describes how Trackpad Simulates of Steam Deck upgrade the mouse accuracy

John Ikeda described, “Certain games are just not going to be as great with thumbsticks, right?” he also said “, So there are some learnings from other products that we’ve made on those trackpads, for sure. Everything from the underlying electronics, to even the texture and the material on the top of the trackpad itself, is something that we’ve gotten to from learnings on other products.”

“We have a history with trackpads,” continued hardware engineer Yazan Aldehayyat. “There is much research which was made for a long time, and that made player’s feel like trackpads are the one which is most unique input methods.”

valve explains how the steam decks trackpad simulates the ac g1gb.1200 Valve describes how Trackpad Simulates of Steam Deck upgrade the mouse accuracy

“But we didn’t take any of that for granted. We did re-verify all that and also made a lot of improvements. So the trackpads themselves, in terms of hardware, they’re lower latency than [those on] Steam Controllers. We added the force-sensitive sensors on there, so you could adjust how much force you need to exert to actuate certain events. It’s a very versatile input method. I mean, people who want to invest the time to customize it will get many benefits out of it. Yeah, we’re excited to see how people use it.”

The main point of Steam Deck upgrade is players should be able to offer any solution for any game. IGN last week announced that Steam deck is a brand new handheld PC from Valve, which is designed for playing the entirety of the steam library and can do much more.


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