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Underworld Gang Wars: Everything We Know Upcoming Gangsters game

Underworld Gang Wars is a new Gangster game on the way to launch in India. In Mumbai, the game shared the biggest reupdates when MPL’s Mayhem Studios announced the launch of Underworld Gang Wars that’s a completely made-in-India battle royale game. The game promises to attach to the Indian roots by offering with complete battle royale experience. 

There is a Twitter update shared by Underworld Gang Wars: 

The game holds many such locations that have similarities with India’s locations in India seems like a train station, coal mines, and also apartment complex having a fort with a racecourse. There are also a bunch of many unique weapons for the gamer to use in this game declared through a drone show in Mumbai where a QR code showed upwards. In the end, they shared a teaser for the game. 

Underworld Gang Wars: Plot 

Underworld gang wars revolve around the tale of two rival gangs belonging to different backgrounds who also desire to get control over the other. It’s still unclear how the main history of the game will follow this but more will be coming soon. 

The story is about a gang from the West who desires to acquire the eastern region which leads to the gang war and along with further chaos in the game. The short teaser more or less provides a short glimpse of the game and it also can be said that the game continues to get such high-end graphics. 

Underworld Gang Wars: Competitors 

We have already seen FAUG along with many hyped-up Indian sources saying that to fill the void of PUBG. There are no such big players, in this case, to compete with games like BGMI, COD mobile, and recent Apex Legends. We are now just waiting with fingers crossed for the Underworld Gang Wars. There is also one competitor that’s Indus made by Super Gaming Studios. 

The CEO of Mayhem Studios, Ojas Vipat was very excited about the games, and just expressed his happiness as he had just released the game at this moment. He said,” I’ve been playing games for a long time and I was hoping to see content like this. I think this is what our country and house users demand, so I’m excited to go on that journey to deliver that to them. 

Underground Gang Wars: Mayhem Studios announces India's battle royale game

He also said,” it’s been a slow learning process for me, very honestly. There is a lot to learn before you can deliver something like this. So, I would say I’m still learning how to stay true to the user’s expectations. The expectations are going to be big and India truly has such big expectations and India truly needs this type of game. But gaming channels and studios like this as well also create a good opportunity for a good game.  we have seen that happen in multiple other industries as well. So, I hope we can be one of the first ones who can build and nurture that talent and really provide for the country.” 

Ojas also mention something, “…even within battle royale, it’s going to be something that has a little bit of flavors you have seen COD mobile, you have seen PUBG mobile, etc. And there’s a little difference in how the weapons and locations are. So, we are going to try and stay true to that.” 

Bengaluru based Mayhem Studios announces Underworld Gang Wars battle royale  mobile game

Underworld Gang Wars: Pre-Registrations Date 

This game has come mainly with AAA titles. The makers just reveal that the characters have been inspired by Indian stories. The pre-registration for the game will start on 22nd May 2022. 

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