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TSMC could catch up with auto chip demand by the end of June

The world’s biggest semiconductor manufacturer TSMC is on a spree to catch up with the immense demand that the world is facing. The chip crisis is so immense that you cannot buy any GPU in the market and so bad that automakers like General Motors and Ford had to shut down their plants.

However, there’s a ray of hope as TSMC is expected to be able to catch up with the “minimum requirement” of customer demand for auto chips by the end of June, its chairman told U.S. broadcaster CBS.

So, Taiwan, which is at the forefront of the semiconductor industry, is said to have to put in a lot of efforts to resolve that problem, and its chipmakers have vowed to ramp up capacity.

TSMC could catch up with auto chip demand by the end of June
via The Wall Street Journal

Now, TSMC Chairman Mark Liu while speaking to CBS’ 60 Minutes in comments broadcast on Sunday, said that they first heard about the news in December and in the following month began to squeeze out as many chips as possible for the automakers.

“Today, we think we are two months ahead, that we can catch up the minimum requirement of our customers before the end of June,” he said.

Mark Liu is also convinced that the total auto chip shortage won’t end pretty soon and said:

“There’s a time lag. In car chips particularly, the supply chain is long and complex. The supply takes about seven to eight months,” Liu added.

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