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Top 7 Marvel Movies that got the Lowest Rating Ever  

The Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU is renowned for its top-grossing collection of superhero movies. As soon as a new film comes out all the theaters become houseful, tickets are always sold out, and theaters fill with the excitement of the fans. When MCU films get top-rating by the fans, on the other side some critics and reviewer take their time to lower the ratings of the film. 

Here is the list of Lowest Rated marvel films: 


7. The Eternals 

Rating:  47% 

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When comes to working with the superhero team, then Marvel Studios is definitely a big name, but this time some exceptions happen with The Eternals as the show is unable to fetch the attention of the fans in the directorial debut of Chloe Zhao. The Eternals were born from the brain of Jack Kirby who is the legendary comic book writer and co-creator of Marvel royalty such as Captain America, Fantastic Four, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, and X-Men. It seems that Kirby has just taken the idea of being immortal.

The Eternals are mainly summited immortal super beings who have come from outer space and lived on the Earth for thousands of years. We all know about the X-Men like him all of them have their unique abilities, and they have the power to combine to form a strong entity which is known as a Uni-Mind. 

The superbeings utilize their powers for some good, not like the Deviants who is a rival of The Eternals for millions of years and has to reveal as a villain in this film. 

They both are created by the Celestials who are the more ancient creatures whom we can say are the gods of the Marvel Universe. It has seemed like the Celestials will appear in the movie in some form it would not be the first time that they have cropped in the MCU. 

image 149 Top 7 Marvel Movies that got the Lowest Rating Ever  

6. Thor: The Dark World 

Rating:  66% 

Marvel’s this Thor film has faced many problems as the most glaring and forgetful villain in Malekith and having the dull romance in between the God of Thunder and also Jane Foster. In this thunder god film, while Dark Elves attempting to cover the entire world with darkness, Thor must embark on a perilous and own journey that will reunite him with the doctor Jane Foster. 

image 150 Top 7 Marvel Movies that got the Lowest Rating Ever  

5. The Incredible Hulk  

Rating:  67% 

Before Mark Ruffalo become Br4uce Banner. Marvel Studios at first came with the green angry rage beast monster who have involved by Edward Norton. The story was not able to wonder the fans with the storytelling. In this film Bruce Banner is a scientist under U.S. Government, and also will get a cure for the monster that has turned into whoever he has lost his temper. The rating may be low but the green beast conquers our hearts. 

image 151 Top 7 Marvel Movies that got the Lowest Rating Ever  

4. Thor: Love and Thunder 

Rating:  70% 

Marvel’s latest Thunder God film that dropped on theatre yesterday got a huge response from the audience. In this film when Taoka Waititi has taken a breath of the fresh air with the Thor with the franchise along with Ragnarök with the attempt of doing even better along with Love and Thunder that fell very short like the film is struggling to balance the dark and weirdy funny voices. 

image 152 Top 7 Marvel Movies that got the Lowest Rating Ever  

3. Iron Man 2 

Rating:  72% 

Iron Man is MCU one of the brave, and great characters as appreciated but all the fans and even critics. MCU is like the son of Iron man. Al the fans are left with such disgruntled faces along with the sequel that has massively underplayed the role of the villain in Justin Hammer. Tony Stark was contended both of his declining health and also a vengeful mad man ties with the legacy of his father. 

image 153 Top 7 Marvel Movies that got the Lowest Rating Ever  

2. Doctor strange in the Multiverse of Madness 

Rating:  74% 

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness got a huge rating, the direction of Sam Raimi was praised hugely, then the lack of a cohesive tale just detailed marvel are attempting to make a mind-blowing multiverse experience along with the Doctor Strange sequel. In this film, Doctor Strange will collaborate with a young girl from his dreams who are able to travel in the multiverse facing multiple threats and meeting another universe version of himself. 

image 154 Top 7 Marvel Movies that got the Lowest Rating Ever  

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron 

Rating:  76% 

If you compare the success of the film with the statistics then the original Avengers film, as the sequel had not been exceeding with the fans and also expecting the film had been arising some issues and problems that stem with the Ultron.

In this film, when Tony Stark and Bruce Banner try to jump-start a dormant peacemaking event named Ultron, things turn wrong, and the mightiest goes are appointed to stop villainous Ultron. 

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