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Get An Overwhelming List of Top 10 Richest man in Kerala 2024

Top 10 Richest man in Kerala 2024

Kerala, a wealthy state in India, is located on the country’s west coast. In US dollars, its economy is currently valued at $130 billion. Kerala has the tenth-largest economy in India. The state produces a lot of pepper and rubber, which together account for a major portion of the overall output. In addition to spices, there is a growing output of tea, coffee, cashew, and coconut. Both the fishing sector and tourism are quite important.

Let’s examine the list of Richest man in Kerala:

Richest man in Kerala

1.M.A. Yusuff Ali

Yusuff Ali M.A
., Lulu Group’s Chairman
$5.2 billion (40000 crore) is the net worth.
Retail and Infrastructure Industry
Businessman Yusuff Ali M.A., a resident of the United Arab Emirates and a native of Kerala, is believed to be worth 5.2 billion dollars. He is Lulu Group International’s chairman and managing director. His holding business owns Lulu International Shopping Mall and the Lulu Hypermarket chain, which is present all over the world.

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With an annual revenue of $7.4 billion, Lulu Group International is the largest employer of Indians living outside of India. He has a 4.7 percent ownership in the Federal Bank of Aluva and a 5 percent investment in the Catholic Syrian Bank. In addition to owning 9.37 percent of Cochin International Airport, he also owns the Scotland Yard Building in London.

2. Ravi Pillai

The RP Group’s chairman, Ravi Pillai, has a $3 billion (25000 crore) net worth.
Retail, Petrochemical, and Construction Industries
The managing director and chairman of the RP Group of Companies is Ravi Pillai. The RP Group is a group of businesses with interests in oil and gas, steel, cement, hospitality, engineering and construction, and steel.

In addition to India, RP Group is present in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain. In reality, trading and supply chain operations in Saudi Arabia are how Ravi Pillai made his money. The first company he registered was Nasser S. Al Hajri Corporation, his flagship construction enterprise. Through the recently opened RP Mall, it also has retail holdings.
Sensitivity The net worth of Kris Gopalakrishnan, the chairman of Axilor Ventures, is $15.8 billion (128000 crore).

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fop jpg Get An Overwhelming List of Top 10 Richest man in Kerala 2024

3. Mr. Gopala krishnan

Steel & Power in Industry
As chairman of Axilor enterprises, Mr. Gopalakrishnan offers financial backing to entrepreneurs along with technical and logistical support in exchange for equity in the enterprises. This implies that Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan works as a venture capitalist. He is very traveled and was born in Kerala.
At one point in time, Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan served as co-chairman of Infosys, an Indian IT and consulting firm that is now well-known throughout the world. He is the third richest person in Kerala, with an estimated net worth of $US2.3 billion.

He was honoured in 2013–14 when he was elected to the Confederation of Indian Industry presidency, the nation’s highest industry body. The third-highest civilian distinction in India, the title of Padma Bhushan, was bestowed to him by the government in 2011.

4. Azad Moopen

Aster DM Healthcare’s Chairman, Azad Moopen, has a $2 billion (16000 crore) net worth.
Sector: Medical
Dr. Azad Moopen is an entrepreneur and a millionaire physician. He is the managing director and chairman of Aster DM Healthcare, a company that develops healthcare facilities around Asia Pacific.
In addition to his own private medical facilities, he has contracts in place with a number of prestigious businesses to supply staff members with healthcare. In addition to receiving other business honors, the Indian government honored him with the Padma Shri Award.

sunn Get An Overwhelming List of Top 10 Richest man in Kerala 2024

5. Sunny Varkey

Varkey Group Chairman Sunny Varkey’s net worth is $1.6 billion (13000 crore).
Steel & Power in Industry. He is the creator and chairman of the international advising and educational management company GEMS Education. With a network of 130 schools spread over more than 12 countries, GEMS Education is the largest operator of kindergarten through grade 12 schools worldwide.
Sunny Varkey pledged in 2015 to contribute half of his money to charitable causes during his lifetime. He was also recognized by the United Nations through UNESCO as a Goodwill Ambassador.
The chairman of the Kalyan Group, T.S. Kalyanaraman Iyer, has a net worth of $1.2 billion (10000 crore).

6. T.S. Kalyanaraman Iyer

The chairman and managing director of Kalyan Group is T.S. Kalyanaraman Iyer, a Kerala-born millionaire businessman. Two of his businesses, Kalyan Jewellers and Kalyan Developers, are grouped together under the Kalyan Group. He was raised in a family that made jewelry, and his grandpa had left the company to him.
Mathew The chairman of the Jindal Group, George Muthoot, has a net worth of $1.2 billion (9500 crore).

feo0 Get An Overwhelming List of Top 10 Richest man in Kerala 2024

7. Mathew George Muthoot

Steel & Power in Industry
The third member of the Muthoot family to hold the position of chairman of the Muthoot Group is Mathai George Muthoot. Banking, IT, Media, Healthcare, Education, Power Generation, Infrastructure, Agriculture, and Precious Metals are among the industries under the group’s grip.
Mathew George Muthoot’s first work was as an office assistant at the family bank. He was trained from an early age to take over and expand the family companies. The bank has 4433 branches and a 4.5 billion dollar annual revenue.

8. SD Shibulal

SD Shibulal Chairman of Jindal Group: $1.2 billion (9500 crores) in net worth
Steel & Power in Industry. S.D. Shibulal is an Indian entrepreneur and businessman. He currently serves on the boards of Seoul International Business Advisory Council (SIBAC), Globethics.net, and Boston University. He was an original member of both Axilor and Infosys. About 2.2% of Infosys shares are still owned by him.

joy jpg Get An Overwhelming List of Top 10 Richest man in Kerala 2024

9. Joy Alukkas

Joy Alukkas, the Chairman, has a net worth of $2 billion, or seventeen thousand crores.
Jewelry industry
As the chairman of Joy Alukkas, a well-known jewelry retailer with 160 outlets spanning from India to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Joy Alukkas hails from Kerala, India. In the US, his distinctive gold chain designs are much sought after, and he has grown his company into the Joy Alukkas Group, a conglomerate with holdings in Silk, real estate, and fashion.
Shamsheer Vayalil Parambath, the chairman of VPS Healthcare Group, has a net worth of $11,000 crore, or $1.3 billion.

10. Shamsheer Vayalil Parambath

Kerala is the birthplace of Indian radiologist and businessman Shamsheer Vayalil Parambath. The VPS Healthcare Group and Amanat Holdings, a healthcare delivery and education company with offices in India and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are both founded and chaired by him.

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  1. Who in Kerala is the richest person?

    The richest person in Kerala is Yusuf Ali M.A. Retail is one of Mr. Yusuf Ali’s passions.With our rich list of Calicut, you may discover more about the wealthiest families and/or individuals.

  2. In Kerala, how many billionaires reside?

    Kerala is now home to 13 billionaires, measured in US dollars.


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