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Top 10 goal scorers in club football history

The only active European goal scorers who are among the top 5 concerning club goals scored are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo reached the milestone of 700 goals in club football this Sunday, becoming the first player in football history to do so.

The top 10 football players with the most club goals are mentioned here, and while there are many famous names on this list, only a small number of them are currently active and contributing to the league’s goal totals.

Here is the list of the top 10 club goal scorers in football history:

10. Luis Suarez: 436

One of the most prolific goal scorers and deadly strikers in football. After moving to Liverpool, Luis Suarez developed into a more prominent player, tallying 113 goals in all competitions. Suarez competed in a league dominated by Ronaldo and Messi and still managed to win the Golden Boot thanks to his eye for goal and finishing prowess.

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He was a talented goal scorer with a track record of success. Before joining his local team Nacional, he played for Ajax, Liverpool, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid and scored 436 club goals.

9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 492

Despite playing for multiple teams, Ibrahimovic’s propensity for scoring goals never wavered. He was an intimidating attacker who terrified many defenders who came his way since he was muscular, tall, and aggressive.

At Ajax, he had his breakout season, and he never looked back after that. Later, Zlatan played for nine clubs in Europe, some of which competed in the top five divisions. He demonstrated his scoring prowess and helped the team win. The 6’5″ player has continued to play well after scoring 492 goals during his club career.

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8. Robert Lewandowski: 509

When Lewandowski scored five goals against Real Madrid, he caught the attention of European football. Since then, the Polish goal scorer has dominated the game. He joined Dortmund’s rivals Bayern Munich and quickly rose to the position of their most important player, creating history everywhere he goes and scoring an average of 30 goals per season.

After spending eight years in Germany, the 34-year-old moved to Barcelona, where he has displayed flashes of his goal-scoring prowess for the Catalan giants. His awareness and positioning sense are what set him apart as a great striker and fine goal-scorer. In his club career, Lewandowski has scored 509 goals, and he intends to increase that total.

7. Ferenc Deak: 547

In Europe’s top five leagues, the prolific Hungarian player amassed a career-high number of goals. During their heyday, Ferenc Deak was a fantastic player for the clubs, scoring a tonne of goals. Despite not knowing how many games he played, he played for six different clubs and amassed 547 goals throughout his career.

6. Eusebio: 473

Eusebio, a tall, athletic man known for his tenacity and ability to destroy the careers of many goalkeepers, won the Ballon d’Or in 1965 and holds the record for most goals scored in Benfica history with 473 in 440 competitive games.

He was the first player from Europe to ever win the golden boot. Eusebio finished his playing career with 550 club goals and multiple trophy wins throughout his club career.

5. Gerd Muller: 556

The sole club player, Muller, played most of his games with Bayern Munich, where he amassed a large number of goals before quitting. He is the second most prolific goal scorer in a year with 86 goals. Muller helped Bayern establish their position in Europe and lead them to success. His ability to dribble and score goals earned him the moniker “Bomber der Nation.”

4. Ferenc Puskas: 512

The renowned player, who was one of Real Madrid’s greatest attackers, led the European and Hungarian leagues in goals scored for four consecutive seasons. After the Hungarian revolution, Puskas emigrated to Spain and joined Real Madrid.

With 512 club goals in 629 games, he continued his goal-scoring prowess and rose to become one of the greatest players in Real Madrid history.

3. Josef Bican: 676

Despite being the all-time leading scorer in football for more than 60 years, Bican enjoyed scoring goals for pleasure in the late 1990s. However, Bisca only scored 805 goals overall, despite claims that he scored over 1000 goals.

Throughout his playing career, he represented numerous clubs and scored 676 goals in 493 games. The former player’s performance attracted a large crowd to the stadium, and he did not disappoint, tallying several goals during games.

2. Lionel Messi: 691

The Argentine managed to score that many goals while serving as a playmaker for the majority of his career, and he is just nine goals away from breaking another record. The 35-year-old scored goals and took home numerous individual honors during one of the best careers in Barcelona. Messi is a special player who has 691 club goals to his credit.

His capacity for both goal-scoring and goal-assistance production makes him the most all-around player in club history. With a few years left in his career to add more accolades and goals, Lionel Messi has relocated to Paris. The guy has been in excellent form thus far and will atone for a poor performance from the previous season.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: 700

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most complete athlete in sporting history, and it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see another player with his level of talent. The 30-year-old player hasn’t changed and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. a living legend who played for Manchester United, Juventus, and Real Madrid.

With his goal against Everton, the player eclipsed the illustrious Bisca at the top of the scoring charts and reached 700 career club goals. Ronaldo, who had a career filled with trophies, will be recognized as the most successful player in football history. And he hasn’t finished yet.

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