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Tom Brady Net Worth: After Retirement from the NFL in 2024 Patriots, Bucs, and Other Teams

Tom Brady Net Worth

Following an unimpressive last season with the Tampa Bay Bucs, which might have even caused him to end his marriage to Gisele Bündchen, Brady, 46, declared on February 1, 2023, that he is truly retiring this time.

Brady stated, “I knew the process was a pretty big deal last time, so when I woke up this morning, I figured I’d just press record and let you guys know first,” in a video that he shared on Twitter. “I won’t ramble on. You are only allowed to submit one highly emotional retirement essay, and I already wrote one last year, but I sincerely appreciate your support, each and every one of you.”

rivals—There are so many that I could list them all forever. I’m grateful to you all for letting me live the life of my dreams. Nothing would be altered by me. I adore you all.” Brady played in his tenth Super Bowl in 2021, at the ripe old age of 43. He won, and many NFL analysts deemed that year’s postseason run to be the best ever.

Tom Brady Net Worth

On Sunday, January 23, 2022, Brady played what many believed to be his last game in an NFL uniform when his Buccaneers lost to the Los Angeles Rams, 30–27, in a thrilling postseason game. Brady, who is only 44 years old, declared his retirement on Instagram a few days later.

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We are aware that despite everything, his off-field accomplishments are equally remarkable as his on-field achievements. Discover how much money Brady has in the bank, how he obtained it, and how his wealth stacks up against that of his supermodel ex-wife by continuing to read. In November 2022, the pair said their divorce was official.

Tom Brady Net Worth?

Tom Brady is predicted to have an enormous $300 million net worth in 2024. This is a result of his earnings from endorsements, investments, and other business endeavors in addition to his NFL salary over the years.

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What was Tom Brady’s salary from Tampa Bay?

Brady signed a $50 million, two-year contract with the Bucs in March 2020, plus an additional $9 million in incentives. Throughout the 2021 NFL postseason, a large number of such extras came into play. As to ESPN, Brady received a payment of $500,000 for qualifying for the postseason and a further $500,000 for winning his last two games against the Saints and the Packers.

to3 jpeg Tom Brady Net Worth: After Retirement from the NFL in 2024 Patriots, Bucs, and Other Teams

Brady supposedly had to repay $16 million to the Bucs organization when he opted to retire at the end of the 2021–22 NFL season, but it is likely that he was permitted to keep that amount because he returned for another season.

When his comeback was announced, his compensation for his entire 2022–23 season was not made public. However, based on what Tampa Bay has paid him annually thus far, the best estimate is that it is between $20 million and $30 million.

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  1. What is the value of Tom Brady’s Fox contract?

    Brady agreed to a lucrative 10-year contract worth $375 million with Fox Sports in May 2022 to serve as the network’s primary on-air NFL pundit, according to a report by Sports Illustrated. Upon his official retirement from the NFL, his net worth will increase by $37.5 million every year for the next ten years, starting in the fall of 2024.


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