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ThundeRobot launches a new PC console which looks like Alienware’s Steam Machine

According to IT Home, ThundeRobot, a Chinese-based laptop manufacturer, is launching a new PC console that appears to be a knockoff of Alienware’s Steam machine from some years ago. The MIX console will include the newest CPU and GPU hardware from Intel and Nvidia, including a 13th Gen Core CPU and an RTX 4060. The new console will presumably be available in China on July 21st.

You’ve probably never heard of ThundeRobot, but the company is highly popular in Asia, where it is the third largest consumer provider of notebooks and gaming peripherals. The company sells its own custom-branded gaming notebooks, gaming displays, keyboards, mouse, monitors, and gaming controllers, much like Asus or Razer.

ThundeRobot’s next console is a very portable gaming system that is roughly 60% smaller than an Xbox Series S.

The exact specifications for the new console have not been revealed, but Thunderobot confirms that it will include one or more of Intel’s new 13th Gen Raptor Lake HX-series mobile CPUs and Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4060.

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credit: tomshardware

If the consoles look familiar, it’s because the design language is extremely similar to the Steam Machine Alienware created several years ago, back when Steam Machines were still a thing. The ThundeRobot console is unquestionably more modern, but the matte black surface and triangular indentation to the front right look awfully similar to the Alienware counterpart, almost as if the developers were inspired directly by Alienware’s console PC.

The console’s ultra-compact form is undoubtedly the device’s main selling point, allowing gamers to play PC games in smaller spaces such as dorm dorms or RVs. With a volume of only 1.7 litres, it dwarfs other popular consoles like the Series S, yet the unusually small size is accounted for by the incorporation of mobile elements.

We believe that if ThundeRobot had gone with a larger design, say, similar to a Series S, it might have utilised desktop components that would have been substantially more performant. According to IT Home, the price will be around 6000 Yuan, which equates to approximately $830. Though the console will be available in China in a few days on July 21st, we don’t expect it to be available in the United States anytime soon.

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