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The Cheapest Places to Buy Mac Studio as of 2024

Cheapest places to buy Mac Studio 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Apple’s Mac Studio is the clear heir apparent for the “Pro” market, and the advent of the M2 CPU only strengthens that position. When Apple released the first iteration of Mac Studio, it quickly became the fastest Apple Silicon Mac available.

The Mac Studio is now the second-fastest Mac in the whole Apple product catalogue, topped only by the new Mac Pro, thanks to the M2 update and the arrival of a Mac Pro wearing the same top-end chip.

Cheapest places to buy Mac Studio 2024: The Mac Studio is a spec increase rather than a completely new device. This is very typical for Apple, which prefers to make major changes every few generations while keeping internal-only updates to a minimum.

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The Mac Studio, like the 2022 model, looks like a Mac mini that went to the gym and gained a few inches. That packaging remains unchanged for round two, taking up the Mac mini footprint of 7.7 inches by 7.7 inches and a substantial height of 3.7 inches.

Cheapest places to buy Mac Studio 2023

This extra size was necessary to accommodate the additional cooling required for the M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips inside the aluminium case, and the weight is also appropriate. The difference in metal for cooling between models makes the M2 Ultra version 7.9 pounds heavier, while the M2 Max version is 5.9 pounds.

The front remains less blank than usual for Macs, with an LED in one corner, an SDXC card slot, and two USB-C connectors. The M2 Max has USB-C ports, however the Ultra has Thunderbolt 4 ports, which matches the previous layout.

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Cheapest places to buy Mac Studio 2023
Cheapest Places to Buy Mac Studio 2023 credit: Apple

The M2 Max model has a 12-core CPU with eight performance cores and four efficiency cores, up from the M1 Max’s ten-core CPU. This is joined by a 30-core GPU (with a 38-core GPU option), Apple’s 16-core Neural Engine, and a huge 400GB/s memory bandwidth.

Similarly to how the M1 Ultra used two M1 Max chips in a single SoC, the M2 Ultra uses an interconnect to connect two M2 Max chips. This effectively doubles almost every major figure from the M2 Max.

Cheapest places to buy Mac Studio 2023 – Price list:

  1. United States – ₹164,010
  2. Malaysia – ₹167,657
  3. Taiwan – ₹172,172
  4. Hong Kong – ₹172,944
  5. Japan – ₹173,107
  6. Canada – ₹175,819
  7. Thailand – ₹176,306
  8. United States 2 – ₹182,871
  9. Singapore – ₹183,092
  10. Australia – ₹183,649
  11. China – ₹188,160
  12. South Korea – ₹189,793
  13. Switzerland – ₹191,603
  14. Philippines – ₹191,726
  15. Vietnam – ₹191,782
  16. United Arab Emirates – ₹192,086
  17. New Zealand – ₹192,233
  18. Canada 2 – ₹192,564
  19. Turkey – ₹201,462
  20. Luxembourg – ₹208,491
  21. India – ₹209,900
  22. France – ₹214,791
  23. Austria – ₹214,791
  24. Germany – ₹214,791
  25. Netherlands – ₹217,477
  26. Spain – ₹217,477
  27. Belgium – ₹217,477
  28. Mexico – ₹219,193
  29. Finland – ₹219,268
Cheapest Places to Buy Mac Studio 2023
Cheapest Places to Buy Mac Studio 2023

Cheapest places to buy Mac Studio 2023: United States remain the top option to buy the Mac Studio 2023 model and India is extremely expensive compared to most of the countries in the list.

The M2 Ultra starts at 64GB, with 128GB and 192GB variants available. This isn’t the terabyte-level storage of the Intel Mac Pro, but it’s still plenty for production. The audio is provided through a built-in speaker, which isn’t particularly impressive. We’re confident that if a Mac Studio is on your wish list, better external speakers are within your budgetary means.

Wi-Fi now supports Wi-Fi 6E infrastructure, while Bluetooth has been updated to version 5.3. The actual manifestations differ depending on whether you have a router or Bluetooth devices. For most, it’s more about future-proofing than anything else.

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  1. Which is the cheapest place to buy MacStudio?

    The United States is the cheapest place to buy Mac Studio


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