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The Last of Us Fifth Episode: All You Need to Know

The fifth episode of ‘The Last of Us‘ will be on air this week. This time it’s a little quicker than the next week. When the blockbuster hit series comes typically on Sunday nights and simulates in between HBO and HBO Max, Super Bowl LVII becomes the reason for the cable channel to air Episode 5 earlier this week. Before Episode 4 on Sundays, it has been exposed that Episode 5 going to air on 10th February at that exact time. 

Due to this time of the tear, The Last Of Us going to run for several and a lot of time incidents in this new month. Additionally, there are Super Bowl the next weekend as the first season of the show going to hit its finale on 12th March Sunday that same night like the 95th Academy Awards. 

The Last of Us

“IP and expanding universes continue to be a big part of our business for sure, and I think a big part of everyone’s business. I agree with you the PlayStation IP has become more and more important — The Last of Us was just renewed for season two — and we have a really close relationship with PlayStation and their creatives,” Katherine Pope said in an interview with Deadline earlier this month.

“The way I view all of the IP here, whether it’s Sony Music, PlayStation, legacy IP from either TV or film, it’s all making Sony as a whole stronger. So, there’s a real focus, from Tokyo, through Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Tony, through Ravi. It’s all about working on the internal levers that we have here to increase our standing in the entertainment community overall. There’s been great cooperation that I’ve been really impressed with I’m happy to take advantage of and be a part of.” 

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lasr3 The Last of Us Fifth Episode: All You Need to Know

The Last of Us: Renewal 

It’s true that the Last of Us has already been renewed for the second season, but still waiting to start production, the executives from Sony TV are literally in hurry to generate hype about the popularity of the series. The Last of Us will air on HBO and HBO Max at 9 p.m.  

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