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The App Tracking feature has been disabled by 88% of IOS users

If you are an iPhone user, then there is some important information for you. The latest update of iOS 14.5 for iPhone users has provided with anti-app tracking feature.

Some users are pleased with this feature, but app developers will not be happy with it. After the first announcement about this system, Facebook also has frowned at this system. Apple is not, though, insisting about the users must take control.

Apple App tracking analysis reveals that the official release of iOS 14.5 on 26th April and most iPhone users are against the app tracking.

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An analytics company has presented some current data that only 4% of iPhone users in the United States choose to allow the app tracking option actively after the current update of their device to iOS 14.5.

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They have made this data based on a sample survey of over 2.5 million consecutive active smartphone users. Now the sample size has been increased to 5.3 million users on a global basis, and the entire number is increased to 12%.

88% of iOS 14.5 users globally disabled App tracking - Gizchina.com

After the updates of iOS 14.5, now the applications must have to request to access and obtain the permission of the user before accessing the random advertising identifier of the device. It is assuming that this feature is used to track the activities of the user on the applications and also on the websites.

It is true that now the user has the option to enable or disable the ability of the applications to request tracking of the users. There is also a fact that iOS 14.5 feature is not active by default but the users who are against this app tracking feature can activate it manually.

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88% of iOS 14.5 users globally disabled App tracking - Gizchina.com

It has also informed that since the rollout of iOS 14.5 almost two weeks ago. The rate of acceptance of this app tracking feature is relatively stable. At first, it was 4% but increased rapidly to 12%. After that, it has been fluctuating in between 11% to 13% globally. In the United States, the acceptance rate of app tracking is between 2% to 5%.

Now the most important news is Facebook acts fiercely against the anti-app tracking feature. It has informed that the company has also sent some messages to the users stating that if they want to continue Facebook and Instagram on their devices for free, they must have allowed tracking.

96% of users who have previously disabled app tracking, complaint reports -  India News Republic

It seems that this kind of sentiment is going against the earlier statement of social networks that indicates ATT has an extremely controllable impact on their business and may benefit in the long run.

Facebook and Instagram still have no plans to release a paid version of those apps. Now, it is to be seen that Facebook will release their paid version for those apps or not. However, this iOS 14.5 latest updates is not as bad as some users think. This feature wants to see user’s activities on the app.

How to block iPhone app tracking in iOS 14 - 9to5Mac

After that, it will happen that the users only will see the enabled app-specific or targeted ads on their devices, and thus the users will get the ads that will be most interesting for them. Indeed, activating this app tracking feature does not take away the ads. It will only help the users to get only important ads, not unnecessary ones.


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