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Tesla 4680: Everything We Know About Tesla’s new Flexible Battery Cell

The popular autopilot EV car giant Tesla exposed its new battery cell at the event Battery day.  At that event, the Tesla CEO prepared many displays as it containing and reveals the production level of 4680 battery cells that have been made at Giga Texas. On that, even Musk also revealed that Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory is very inclusive. It has been known as a 4680 battery.

The new cell of Tesla is definitely bigger and it can generate six times as much power and also have about five times the energy capacity as the last Tesla 21700 cells. The latest 4680 cells have been developing with the larger form factor and also have the design of a table.

Is Elon Musk Back In “Production Hell” With Tesla's 4680 Battery? - IEEE  Spectrum

Tesla 4680 Battery

This 4680 battery is a Li-ion battery to its 46mm x 80mm cylindrical shape. While it compared with 21700 sizes and 18650 as a typical cell along with the height and diameter with both large. It is also on the way to replacing the 21700 battery as it is currently being used in Tesla EV.

The new 4680 battery also is a type that would be famous for its rechargeable and high current drain devices as considered the higher degree of capabilities just like the charge cycle with higher energy density. The latest 4680 battery details contain properties for the voltage, capacity, charge-discharge cycle, output current, and output voltage. It has such a  generalizes. The battery holds more capacity, as the charge and discharge cycle varies and depends on 4680 batteries.

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4680 Tesla Battery Cell replica : r/teslamotors


Tesla’s latest 4680 battery is mainly a Lithium-ion battery. The size the 46 x 80 mm. and the battery voltage is 3.7 volt. The operating voltage is  2.5 – 4.2 volt. Now the cutoff voltage is 2-2.5 volts. This Lithium battery weighs just 150gms. The charge-discharge cycle varies from 1000-to 2000, it mainly depends on the type of charging.  The battery can discharge a current of 20-35 amps. Tesla 4680 cells take 2.5hrs to 3.5 hrs per cell. The method of charging is CC and CV. The voltage of charging is 4.2v -5v, and can volt 5 maximum per cell. The self-discharge of the battery is 6-10% per month.

We have seen that 2170 cell that has been currently manufactured are having max capacity of 5600mAh, and the engineering analyst reveals that 4680 Tesla cell increase up to 90000mAh.

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Advantage of 4680 battery

Necessary Factors

Tesla includes such buying cells with its proprietary chemistry taken from the suppliers and also many horizon problems. Tesla targets to constantly grow at a rate of 40-50%. Tesla notices a gap between the production limits of the battery cell suppliers and Tesla’s internal demand for getting such automotive and energy storage business. For solving those issues teams start to work hard with new technical solutions for improvements in the battery cell format.

Form Factor

As the length and diameter have been increased, the total volume of the cell has been increased with development. It is reported that the larger jelly roll packs are more active with battery material along with a 5x increase in capacity and also have a 6x  increase in power. This time the new form factor alone can supply a 16% increase in the range. As a table 4680 cells, it makes the battery superior. Musk said,” you actually have a  shorter path length in a  large tables cell than  you have in a smaller  cell with tabs,”

JPR007 ar Twitter: "TESLA 4680 BATTERY This beautifully machined mock-up by  @BillSabo11 shows better than any numbers can the massive increase in  volume for the 4680 battery relative to the long-term industry-standard

Advanced Chemistry

In this new battery, Tesla is using Silicon but the physical properties make it a bit challenging with the element, Musk said,” the challenge with Silicon is that it expands 4x while charged with lithium” Silicon is definitely the most abundant element in the earth’s crust after oxygen, making it a lower-cost, easy to acquire the commodity as Sand is itself id Silicon dioxide.

It is surprising that Tesla started with law Silicon. To lowers the cost of the Silicon, Tesla now makes new chemistry as Baglino said,” Stabilize the surface with an elastic ion-conducting polymer along with an elastic ion-conducting polymer coating that’s applied along with a  scalable approach.

Cathode Production

Tesla’s latest high-0nickel cathodes completely remove the need for Cobalt. We can say that cobalt is a fantastic anchor for a cathode but it fills many caveats. This high-nickel cathode can develops the cost of the cathode by 15% on a  cost per kilowatt-hour basis. It is a great approach for Tesla as the battery can be recycled again.

Thermal Characters

As Tesla 4680 battery manufacturing with a larger form factor that is tables design. The elimination of the tabs decreases internal resistance in the cell that caused such extra components as the internal resistance has been generating more heat. The elimination of the tab removes all the thermal problems. Previously it was seen that the larger sales tabs historically stucked many times, but this time the new cell disrupts all the trends by charging nearly as fast as the smaller cell as it embeds all benefits of a larger cell in a table.

There are many sceptics who believe that the technology may be facing a struggle to tamp up As the supply chain situation worsening all over the globe the automakers facing a struggle to get raw materials.

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