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Tata Motors has sold 100x more EVs than M&M both of their values at $9 billion 

Mahindra & Mahindra raising funds from British International Investment (BII), got EV business at Rs. 70,000 crores or $9 billion as per Tata Motors EV business. 

Now Tata Motors RV business also getting worth at $9.1 billion just after raising $1 billion from  RPG Rise Climate in October last year. Now the M&M deal is coming with a surprise at the sectors of watchers and the main reason behind it is an absolute data mismatch. Now Tata Moors also has been beating M& M in space that’s mainly 100 to one. 

In the new report of DASA, in FY22, M&M also solve a total of 156 electric cars in the passenger vehicles segment. Now, on the other hand, Tata Motors, which also has two of the models available in the market, also sold closely 15,200 electric cars and that will be more than 100 times as M&M sold. 

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image 205 Tata Motors has sold 100x more EVs than M&M both of their values at $9 billion 

Tata Motors has sold 100x more EVs than M&M both of their values at $9 billion 

M&M’s EV business is also not just about vehicles.  There are also many electric three-wheelers in this portfolio, the price points several times that’s also lower than the electric cars. 

This is the reason for analyzer which are bullish on the EV business, and a label along with a proactive auto company, in spite of the single electric car in the portfolio with the eVerito. If you see most of the cars has been used as a cab. 

According to the report of ICIC, “M&M is also proactive on the electrification front and already has such an electric 3W and e-rickshaw like PV as it’s running on Indian roads. Along with the pipeline launching interests in the electric PV with LCV front, the company also steadily transforming also the change in the technology landscape in the auto space,” 

FADA confirms the company already sold 8,000 electric three-wheelers in FY22, and it’s comfortably too lower than Tata Motors. As it has coupled with Mahindra’s strong brand as recall in rural along with Mahindra’s strongest brand invoke in the rural areas for that a thanks goes to the tractor business and this sets the company very well along with electric 3W are concerned like a segment from where Tata Motors can r3egisters a blank. 

Tata Motors

Identifying the product roadmap is the only key to understanding the business. M&M’s executive director Rajesh Manjrekar said that the SUV of the company lineup will be 20-30% electric by 2027. In 2027, wight new electric vehicles will be launched. 

The IDBI capital also impressed along with M&M’s three latest blockbuster launches which are respectively Thar, XUV 700, and Scorpio-N stating that it has made a comeback. The brokerage is also telling that the company is just unlocking the EV business. 

M&M also has advantages over Tata Motors it is an attractive investment. Now the former also has less debt The entire Deby is Rs. 75,000 crores just half of the Tata Motors books. M&M is doing more profit while Tata Motors  running on losses since four out of five last year, and the amount id Rs. 64,000 crores.

image 204 Tata Motors has sold 100x more EVs than M&M both of their values at $9 billion 

The Direct of ICIC also said, “within OEMs, M&M remains our top pick as it relatively outperformed within the auto OEM space after a multiyear breakout that spells structural turnaround. 

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