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Stranger Things (Season 4): The new trailer contains the complete Recaps of Previous Seasons 

At last Stranger Things, season 4 confirms the official release date of the series. Vol. 2 is going to hit this Friday. As a popular series, it will give a huge push in Netflix marketing. Netflix recently released the final trailer of the most awaited horror show.

This time Netflix also think about the newcomers as they contain such recap videos of the last three seasons.  

Stranger Things

The new recap video will take you to the nostalgia time and we will realize how much time has passed with all of the lovely characters. In the first season, the series revealed a strange and mysterious horror world filled with some conspiracies, Dungeons, and Dragons. At the first glimpse of the series, there are Eleven escaping Hawkins Lab and Will Byers is missing in The Upside Down. There was a question arise whether Barb is still alive or not. In the next season, we came to know that she is no more.  

image 49 Stranger Things (Season 4): The new trailer contains the complete Recaps of Previous Seasons 

Now come to the second season that shed the light on being tethered to The Upside Down. It seems that the introduction of Max, Hooper rear the Eleven as his own kid, and the revolution of the Demodog army. In this season we had seen the massive change of Steve’s character belonging to the stereotypical bully throws toward the fan-favorite hero and the Romance between Nancy and Janathan have been started, the most important thing is expanding upon this season as Eleven also finds more about,” Hawkins Experiments: into the famous seventh episode of the season.

There are a lot of fans who just called the main narrative detour the weakest of the series. It has been said, in the new grand scale of Season 4 and the first eight minutes of the latest season may be a flashback to the Eleven’s time at Hawkins Lab, along with the plot thread come through the path that’s very important. 

image 50 Stranger Things (Season 4): The new trailer contains the complete Recaps of Previous Seasons 

Now come to the season 3 video that takes us back to the fun for the summer vibes that exposed the town pool, now Hawkins fair, and the new Starcourt Mall will become major hot spots in the story. Now the scale of the series was further stretched upon the Russians with such a secret base under the mall. There is Maya Hawke as Robin had introduced the major new player, and they just had a huge amount of contained humor with Hopper dealing with Eleven and becoming a teenager.

The third season also reveals the bonding of Max and her brother Billy and the main story between Steve and Robin just highlights as well. The latest season ranked by pleasing neon with aesthetic and Invasion of the Body Snatchers Mind Flayer with such influences. 

It’s been one week since we got the final trailer of the fourth season. The final trailer does not reveal any new thing about the story, it contains fill of classic Stranger Things imagery that  

Starts with the huge scope of the horror show that rock ‘n roll that level for cool. It contains all of the favorite characters who are just taking the preparation to fight along with both the real world and The Upside Down. A battle is still pending and felt the trailer, and it feels like the beginning of the termination. The planning has been made since season 4 made as the second to last season of the series.

image 51 Stranger Things (Season 4): The new trailer contains the complete Recaps of Previous Seasons 

Now,  Duffer Brothers are also revealing all of the steps in this season that provide the direction and appear to note back creatively. It contains one shot, in particular, that is very funny to play on the series as there is classic bike riding some scenes along with the camera begin with such one group of characters in this real world. It seems that it will be looking down at the form of the sky before it flips to the same shot for another group along with parallel characters riding from up to down. 

The Duffer Brothers have already drawn a comparison this season to the Game of Thrones and there are such a few episodes in Season 4 that will contain some feature-length horror series. The thing will be very exciting how this season will manage all of the different storylines along with Hopper as trapped in Russia and Eleven and the Byers slate another state completely. Now, we will find out very quickly as the witching hour is completely upon us. 

Stranger Things (Season 4): Release Date 

The horror series Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 1 is slated to drop on 27th May 2022. It contains the final seven episodes before wrapping up the season along with the final two episodes in Vol. 2 on 1st July 2022. 

Here is the trailer: 

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