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Pooled Quota Waiting List Meaning: Get All of the Latest Updates on IRCTC Train Tickets

Pooled Quota Waiting List Meaning

Did you get confused when booking your tickets because of the acronym “PQWL“? It makes sense! To someone who is not familiar with the IRCTC website or train travels in general, this could appear extremely perplexing. We’ve produced an article explaining how to book tickets and how to know when your ticket is confirmed to help you out. We’ve blogged on PQWL tickets as well. Continue reading to learn more.

Pooled Quota Waiting List Meaning ticket: what is it?

Pooled Quota Waiting List tickets are known as PQWL tickets. A Pooled Quota Waiting List is shared by multiple small stations (PQWL). There is only one pooled quota per run, which includes all passengers traveling from the origin to any station before the destination, from any two intermediate stations to the ultimate destination, or from any two intermediate stations to any other station.

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Pooled Quota Waiting List Meaning

PQWL ticket confirmation

After the Pooled Quota tickets are sold out, PQWL tickets are distributed. PQWL tickets are ranked lower on the priority list than even GNWL tickets, so confirmation of them is uncertain. It is possible that the likelihood of receiving confirmation for your specific ticket will differ from what is anticipated. You must visit the IRCTC website or download the IRCTC app on your phone in order to be absolutely certain of the confirmation likelihood of your ticket.

Purchasing Train Tickets in India

Reservations for Indian Railways tickets open 120 days prior to the planned travel date. You can buy tickets online at www.irctc.co.in or in person at any Indian railway station by utilizing the Passenger Reservation System (PRS). Once more, the online ticket can be either an e-ticket, which needs to be printed and presented at the correct time for the trip, or an i-ticket, which will be sent to the passenger by courier.

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Every ticket has a 10-digit PNR (Passenger Name Record) written on it that must be used in all correspondence pertaining to that particular ticket or trip. The ticket contains further information on the traveler and their itinerary. The train number, the journey date, the travel class, the point of departure, and the destination are all included in this. Up to six persons can utilize one ticket.

pq Pooled Quota Waiting List Meaning: Get All of the Latest Updates on IRCTC Train Tickets

Here is the classification based on the likelihood of confirmation:
Having a ticket does not ensure travel; the status of the ticket decides whether or not the journey is assured. Tickets can be in one of three states: confirmed (FB), reduced availability (RAC), or waiting (WL).

You may be certain that your ticket is confirmed if it is classified as CNF (confirmed) or RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) and is not listed on the WL (Waiting List).
Anything more than that indicates that your ticket has not yet been verified. If so, you must verify each ticket separately and double-check on the IRCTC app or website.

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