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The Best Steam Deck Features and Setup Guide

Valve’s Steam is one of the biggest game collections for PC users. And now, with Steam Deck, it has made its gaming library mobile-friendly. Now mobile phone users have Steam Deck on their smartphone devices and can enjoy their games on the go.

However, Steam Deck doesn’t only have this function, there are various tips and tricks you should know if you want to enjoy your gaming experience. In this guide, we will be discussing the Steam Deck features and setup guide. So, let’s dig in.

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How To Create a Steam Deck Account 

To begin with Steam Deck, you have to create an account. Even if you want to buy the mobile library, you also need an account.

To create one, you have to create a different account on the gaming console. On the official site, you can use any email address, and after verification, use any password for your account.

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Once you have created your account, you can login to Steam Deck. However, there are certain prerequisites you need to fulfill.

You have to complete the basic setup and connect with a strong Wi-Fi connection. After logging into your account, you can access the Steam store and pick as many games as you want.

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How To Update Steam Deck

Just like other mobile applications and gaming consoles, the mobile version of Steam also gets regular updates. These are for the smooth running of the library, to bug out the platform, and to enhance overall performance.

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To update your Steam deck, you need to follow the step-by-step procedure. First, press the Steam button, then go to Settings and select System.

In your Systems menu, you will see a “Check for Updates” option. Press this, and you will know if there are any updates available or not. If there is any update available, then download it, but you have to ensure consistent Wi-Fi network coverage.

After your Steam update is downloaded and installed, the platform will restart on its own. You just have to patiently wait and enjoy your new Steam.

How To Change System Update Channel

If you want to test the future updates, then you can also do that. There are three channels through which you can do that: stable, beta, and preview.

To change your Steam system update channel, first press the Steam button, then select Settings and select System. Now you will see “Beta Participation, and when you select it, you will get three channels. You can choose any of them and test out future system updates.


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