Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Sony to update the 360 Reality Audio suite

Sony’s 360 Reality Audio series will undergo an upgrade, as confirmed by the company recently. The new offerings will include an overhaul on the video streaming capabilities, as well as the content creation tools. 

“360 Reality Audio is a powerful platform that brings listeners an experience that honors the creator’s true intent, and brings artists and fans even closer together,” said Mike Fasulo, president and chief operating officer, Sony Electronics, Inc. 

“We are thrilled to enhance and expand our audio ecosystem with innovative streaming video, and powerful new ways for musicians to create an amazing experience.”


The 360 Reality Audio suite allows composers to pan audio in a spherical system, that breaks the boundaries of the conventional horizontal panning system and sends the listener into an extremely immersive experience. Adding multiple dimensions to the audio being played is what makes the feature so exquisite. 

Sony came up with this revolution in sound production in 2019, and it has since made it possible for listeners to enjoy a concert-like experience using their headphones and speakers alike. 

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Currently, only streaming software like Deezer, and Tidal offer the capabilities of 360 sound for listeners. It is worth hoping that the feature will soon be introduced to the more popular streaming software such as Spotify and iTunes. 

Zara Larsson is scheduled to release an exclusive performance that encapsulates the features and the dynamic nature of the 360 Reality Audio, at 5 pm EST (12th January, 3:30 AM IST). 

Sony offers multiple features to enhance the listening experience by using the Artist Connection app on a smartphone and using Sony’s own headphones and speakers that fully support the 360 Reality Audio feature. What’s more, Sony’s high-end tech has the potential to scan an individual’s ear shape to offer them a completely unique and tailored experience of listening to music. 

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