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Sonic Frontier shows off its Combat Mechanism in New Trailer

Gaming firms continue to use June to hype players up for releases coming in the second half of the year and even beyond, despite this year’s cancellation of E3. Sega is moving more slowly, whilst Sony broke some interesting news during its State of Play address yesterday. Updates for Sonic Frontiers will be released throughout June, and a new teaser emphasises Sonic’s combat skills.

The first gameplay trailer for Sonic Frontiers was unveiled the day after the teaser trailer for the title on May 31. Although the first set of gameplay footage for Sonic Frontiers showed a huge territory to explore for the game’s first “open-zone” sector, spectators noticed that practically all combat was avoided. This was unquestionably done to give the player’s available powers a chance to shine in their own trailer.

The following trailer emphasises what players may anticipate from the game’s more action-packed moments. It demonstrates that Sonic still possesses some of his signature moves, including the Homing Attack, but he also has some brand-new punching and kicking combinations. The hedgehog’s reporter has also received some brand-new exciting moves, including one that requires users to press a button in order to send adversaries flying in a hail of shock waves.

Among Sonic’s new skills are some intriguing finishers, such an assault that causes Sonic to step back a little before unleashing a powerful attack that zigzags like Homing Attack and deals a lot of damage.

Players can also employ Sonic’s new “spin-cycle” manoeuvre to circle adversaries and render them helpless in a number of different ways. Fans may play with a lot of diversity and strategy thanks to these actions.

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credit: wccftech

The gameplay against these opponents and their various attacks—some of which appear to be lifted directly from the Sonic the Hedgehog movies—is certainly shown off well in the clip. Almost all of the information in this video, no matter how minor, is subject to change because the game is currently in development.

Throughout June, there will be additional Sonic Frontiers-related announcements and news. Additionally, news about the TV show Sonic Prime will be revealed next week, and Sonic Origins will be released this month. Sega is commemorating the series’ anniversary this month, so fans of the blue blur will no doubt be busy all month.

Sonic Frontiers is scheduled to release holiday 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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