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Skyesports Announces PNC 2023 Qualifiers: A Chance for Indian PC Gamers to Shine

Chennai – July 13, 2023: Skyesports, India’s premier esports tournament organizer, is proud to announce the highly anticipated PNC 2023 Qualifiers, providing a platform for Indian PC gamers to showcase their skills and compete for a massive prize pool of INR 20,00,000. The PNC is a prestigious global PC gaming tournament, and the 2023 edition will take place in Seoul, South Korea, where 16 of the world’s best PC squads will battle for a share of the $300,000 prize pool.

The PUBG Nations Cup (PNC) is a highly competitive battle royale tournament exclusively for PUBG PC players. Teams from different nations face off against the world’s best in pursuit of glory and a significant share of the prize pool. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious tournaments for all PUBG PC players.

Skyesports, based in Chennai, is a leading esports and gaming venture renowned for hosting major esports tournaments. Founded in November 2018 by Shiva Nandy, Skyesports has rapidly grown to become one of the largest esports companies in South Asia. With a range of original IPs including the Skyesports Championship, Skyesports League, Skyesports Grand Slam, and Skyesports Skirmish Series, Skyesports has reached millions of gamers across South Asia and beyond. Skyesports is a part of JetSynthesys, a digital entertainment and technology company.

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PR Cover 1 Skyesports Announces PNC 2023 Qualifiers: A Chance for Indian PC Gamers to Shine

A Gateway to International Recognition

The PNC 2023 Qualifiers will follow an open-for-all format, ensuring that every gamer has an opportunity to pursue their dreams of going pro. Apart from the chance to represent India for the first time at the PNC 2023, participants will have the chance to compete for the staggering prize pool of INR 20,00,000. This tournament promises to be the biggest esports event for a battle royale title on PCs in India, providing a platform for gamers to make their mark on the global stage.

Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO of Skyesports, expressed his excitement about the PNC 2023 Qualifiers, stating, “We are proud to host the inaugural Qualifiers, sending a team from India to PNC 2023 in South Korea for the first time. With an impressive Rs. 20,00,000 prize pool, this tournament is set to make waves in the Indian esports scene. We are thrilled to contribute to the growth of the gaming community and the thriving esports ecosystem in India through this tournament. We look forward to witnessing the extraordinary display of skill, strategy, and talent showcased by Indian players as they pave their way to international recognition.”

Registration and Tournament Phases

Registrations for the PNC 2023 Qualifiers are currently open on the official website until July 19. However, with only 64 open slots available, interested participants are encouraged to register promptly. The tournament will be conducted in three phases:

  • Quarter Finals: July 21 and 22
  • Semi-Finals: July 23 to 25
  • Grand Finals: July 28 to 30

During the Quarter Finals, the initial 64 teams will be divided into four groups, each consisting of 16 teams. These groups will compete in six matches each, and the top six performing teams from each group will advance to the Semi-Finals.

In the Semi-Finals, the remaining 24 teams will be divided into three groups, with each group comprising eight teams. Throughout this stage, each team will participate in a total of 12 matches. Only the top 16 teams with the highest scores will progress to the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals will feature eighteen matches across three days, with six matches played each day, ultimately determining the champions of the PNC 2023 Qualifiers.

Witness the Thrilling Action of PNC 2023 Qualifiers

The official Skyesports YouTube channel is the ultimate destination for fans and gaming enthusiasts to witness all the exhilarating and nail-biting action of the PNC 2023 Qualifiers. With live coverage of the tournament, viewers can immerse themselves in the intense battles and fierce competition as the top 16 teams from India compete for a share of the impressive INR 20,00,000 prize pool.

The PNC 2023 Qualifiers Grand Finals will showcase the best of Indian esports talent, as these skilled teams go head-to-head in a battle for supremacy. The stakes are high, as not only will the winners secure a significant portion of the prize pool, but they will also earn the coveted opportunity to represent their country at the prestigious PNC 2023 in South Korea.

As the matches unfold, fans can expect heart-pounding moments, strategic gameplay, and impressive displays of skill from the participating teams. The competition will be fierce, with each team giving their all to secure victory and advance to the next stage of the tournament. Viewers can join in the excitement as they witness the dedication, teamwork, and individual prowess of these top-tier players.

learn more about PNC 2023 Qualifiers.

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