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SK Hynix reveals two new 24Gbit DDR5 Registered DIMM 

Two new 24Gbit DDR5 Registered DIMM (RDIMM) memory modules from SK Hynix were unveiled, each with a different capacity. In addition to its flagship 256 GB modules, which will initially be used in cloud data centres, the business is now selling both 48 GB and 96 GB memory sizes. In conjunction with Intel’s Innovation 2022 event, the new memory was on display.

The lowest DDRX memory capacity typically ranges from 8GB to 16GB, with each level doubling that capacity (8, 16, 32, and so on). When a business develops a product that deviates from the usual, it begs the issue of why this capability was selected.

In line with the release of 24Gb DDR5, SK hynix is closely engaging with a number of customers that provides cloud services. We will continue to strengthen our leadership in growing DDR5 market by introducing advanced technologies and developing products with ESG-awareness. — Kevin (Jongwon) Noh, President and Chief Marketing Officer, SK Hynix

The latest memory modules from SK Hynix are designed to meet RDIMM server requirements. With its dual-in-line setup, RDIMM enhances reliability while supporting Chipkill and SDDC memory. The first instance of registered DIMM was in the DDR3 memory category, and it makes use of a special hardware register to soften the control signals sent to the modules while excluding application data. 

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SK Hynix
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The following clock cycle manages the increasing electrical loads on high-density, high-speed memory modules. Comparing the RDIMM to normal DIMM or UDIMM modules, the RDIMM is more efficient in controlling these loads.

The frequency of the new RDIMM modules from SK Hynix start at 5600 MHz and peak at 6400 MHZ because they are designed for server systems. 

On an 8-channel system, the business is expected to add a 192GB dual-channel memory module. The corporation has not responded to the rumour that the maximum storage is 3TB.

The business is not the only producer of new memory modules with such a setup. The 48GB and 96GB DDR5 modules that Samsung and Micron are creating will likely be used in cloud servers. After cloud computing, the businesses would probably consider HPC servers or possibly supercomputers for machine learning to help with artificial intelligence.

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Although SK Hynix is delivering memory samples to its customers, neither the general public nor server customers have been assigned a release date.

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