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SiSoftware provides a detailed chart about the performance of Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake Core i9-12900K processor

Disclaimer: Before moving forward do remember that the below data is an amalgamation of all the reviews and performance details compiled from the information provided by engineers and testers who already have access to the following processor belonging to the Intel family and are continuously testing it to provide us with the necessary information required.

Moving forwards we also make clear that the below details do not come with any regards to the support offered from things like memory configurations, motherboard, and their BIOSes.

From recent sources, it’s made evident that the Rocket Lake-S (11th Gen Core) series will have its BIOS to thank for if its performance is to be expected to surpass its predecessors. And the recent pearl reviews show how important the choice of the final BIOS is however, this result is in no whatsoever a representation of the processor’s final state.

In multiple tests, we have seen the performance of the Core i9-12900K matching that of the Core i9-11900K CPU, and in some tests, however, we can see that the performance is extremely poor. The charts are missing a lot of data because the tests were simply not performed by the people testing the CPU.

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Rocket Lake shows a strong AVX2 performance but the CPU does not support AVX512 instructions. The Sandra software has been optimized for hybrid architectures and it will work even on Windows 10.

As we know, Intel plans to launch its Alder Lake in November and we can expect the announcement of the CPU to be done at the Innovation event on October 27th. The series will introduce a new heterogeneous architecture featuring Golden Cove and Gracemon microarchitectures combined into a single desktop CPU.

The best thing is that the Alder Lake CPUs will support either DDR4-3200 or DDR5-4800 memory as well as the latest PCI Gen 5 interface and it’s the first CPU to do so. The new CPUs will require new motherboards which are equipped with LGA1700 sockets.

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SpecificationsIntel Core i9-12900K 8C+8c/24T (ADL)Intel Core i9-11900K 8C/16T (RKL)AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12C/24T (Zen3)Intel Core i9-10900K 10C/20T (CML)Comments by Sisoftware
Arch(itecture)Golden Cove + Gracemont / AlderLakeCypress Cove / RocketLakeZen3 / VermeerComet LakeThe very latest arch
Cores (CU) / Threads (SP)8C+8c / 24T8C / 16T2M / 12C / 24T10C / 20T8 more LITTLE cores
Rated Speed (GHz) base clock is a bit higher
All/Single Turbo Speed (GHz)5.0 – 5.3 big / 3.7 – 3.9 LIT4.8 – 5.34.5 – 4.84.9 – 5.2Turbo is a bit lower
Power TDP/Turbo (W)125 – 228125 – 228105 – 135125 – 155TDP is the same on paper.
L1D / L1I Caches8x 48kB/32kB + 8x 64kB/32kB8x 48kB 12-way / 8x 32kB 8-way12x 32kB 8-way / 12x 32kB 8-way10x 32kB 8-way / 10x 32kB 8-wayL1D is 50% larger.
L2 Caches8x 1.25MB + 2x 4MB (18MB)8x 512kB 16-way (4MB)12x 512kB 16-way (6MB)10x 256kB 16-way (2.5MB)L2 has more than doubled per core
L3 Caches30MB 16-way16MB 16-way2x 16MB 16-way (32MB)13.75MB 11-wayL3 is almost 2x larger
Microcode (Firmware)090672-0F (early)06A701-408F7100-100906A505-C8Revisions just keep on coming.
Special Instruction SetsVNNI/256, SHA, VAES/256AVX512, VNNI/512, SHA, VAES/512AVX2/FMA, SHAAVX2/FMALosing AVX512
SIMD Width / Units256-bit512-bit (1x FMA)256-bit256-bitLess wide SIMD units
Price / RRP (USD)?$539$549$499Rumoured same price



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