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Sex Education Season 4 Official Release Date, Plot, Cast, Expectations, and More in 2024

Sex Education Season 4 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Expectations – Everything You Need to Know in 2024

The wait is now over as the popular teen drama series Sex Education has been renewed for Season 4. Sex Education, acclaimed series that explores sexual themes, has wrapped up with its fourth and final season. Viewers will have the chance to return to Moordale Secondary School one last time when the latest installment is released on Netflix. The official release date for this popular British comedy-drama has been confirmed as Tuesday, August 29th, 2023. The incredible comedy-drama has never failed to amaze us. The show has taken too long to return once again at the Moordale  Secondary  School.

The narrative of the most captivating drama series centers around Otis, an introverted teenager who is influenced by his mother, a sex therapist, to collaborate with an ambitious classmate and establish an unauthorized sex therapy clinic at their school. They tackle various challenges faced by teenagers, all while Otis himself grapples with self-discovery.

Besides its star-studded cast, which includes Asa Butterfield and Gillian Anderson, Sex Education deals with many sensitive topics with empathy and precision while also using comedy as an effective tool to keep the lighthearted tone.

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While the main characters are charismatic and easy to relate to, which results in a range of hilarious moments on Sex Education, it is also a compelling, emotional drama. With season 3 ending on a shocking cliffhanger, after it was revealed Moordale was closing down, it will be interesting to see what is in store for season 4. The entire season of the television series was initially broadcasted on September 21, 2023. The fourth season consists of eight episodes, with each episode having an approximate duration of one hour. Additionally, the season finale lasts for 83 minutes. the show has got 8.2M views

Screenshot 2023 08 31 235519 1693506340978 1693506363085 1 1 Sex Education Season 4 Official Release Date, Plot, Cast, Expectations, and More in 2024

The famous teenage love drama series Sex Education coming on Netflix for the fourth season, but unfortunately, we may not see it on Netflix until 2023 as the earlier got the fans it’s quite disappointing that they have to wait for a long to return to Moordale Secondary School.  

This is not new as the series also disappointed us many times before. Each of the seasons has gotten stronger thanks to the ultimate character growth, a fantastic story, and the care and attention that indicates sex and relationships, unlike shapes and sizes. The series first time debuted on Netflix in January 2019, after that it crossed a long way and season 3 arrive on 17th September 2020.   

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Since the first this sexy and irrepressible comedy show has never been disappointed in random seasons, it just only comes and gets a stronger appreciation for the genuine growth of the character, a fantastic storyline, and the care and attention that it needs for addressing sex and relationship in every perspective. At first, the series was launched on Netflix back in January 2019 with season 3 arriving on 17th September 2020. Undoubtedly, this series is Netflix’s one of the best British comedy-drama series.  

sex2 Sex Education Season 4 Official Release Date, Plot, Cast, Expectations, and More in 2024

Sex Education Season 4: Renewal Status   

The news of the renewal of the fourth season got on 25th September 2021. As the word of Netflix, Netflix has renewed Sex Education for the fourth season. The news was revealed at the event of Netflix’s TUDUM. After we have no doubt that Sex Education is still one of the most desired Originals in its area, and also popular as the flagship comedy series for that streaming service, there is no such wonder of its returning as it had a constant impact on the top 10 lists across the globe.  

During the writing time of Sex Education has grabbed the top spot from the final season of Lucifer, and recently held the first position on Netflix in 70 different countries which are the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada.  

If you give a close look at the new top 10 data of Netflix you can see that season 3 was one of the gigantic shows of September.  

Between 12th September and 24th October, that series was viewed for 447,750,000 hours globally. We can also watch the first season and season 2 enter the global top 10s that are suggesting to more people who fixed to jump into the show or a lot of people had been going back to rewatching.  

Week Period  Hours Viewed(M)  Rank  Week in Top 10  
September 12th, 2021 to September 19th, 2021  125,770,000  1  1  
September 19th, 2021 to September 26th, 2021  160,420,000 (+28%)  1  2  
September 26th, 2021 to October 3rd, 2021  72,870,000 (-55%)   3  
October 3rd, 2021 to October 10th, 2021  42,120,000 (-42%)  3  4  
October 10th, 2021 to October 17th, 2021  28,190,000 (-33%)  3  5  
October 17th, 2021 to October 24th, 2021  18,380,000 (-35%)  7  6  

Sex Education Season 4: Production Status

As the production has wrapped in February, which we have discussed in a little more detail, the early we can expect is to see the latest season would be in August 2023. This is true that there are several controversies.

Netflix has not leaked any word about the release date of the series. TUDUM has confirmed that the new season will release in 2023. As the production has been wrapped up in February, we can expect the earliest we can get the series in August 2023. If it faces any kind of delay then, then it may be September or October.

Sex Education Season 4 Official Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More Details

Series Name Sex Education Season 4 
Cast Asa Butterfield, Gillen Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey, Kedat Williams Jodie Turner-Smith, Thaddea Graham, Marie Reuther, Felix Mufti, Anthony Lexa, Alexandra James, Imani Yahshua, and Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy.  
Creator Laurie Nunn 
Writer Dominic Leclerc, Michelle Savill, and Alussa McClelland 
Directed By Josh Dallas 
Genre Sex-Comedy, Teen-Drama 
Official Release Dates 21st September 2023 
OTT Platform Netflix 
Budget $3-4 million per episode. 

Sex Education Season 4 Release Date 

After getting an unexpected production delay, Sex Education season 4 began filming around late July or early August 2022. It has been implied by a behind-the-scenes picture posted by Asa Butterfield on Twitter. In February 2023, Ncuti Gatwa confirmed through an Instagram post that season 4 has wrapped filming, and it was his last time on set. 

This is really very exciting that Sex Education is finally close to returning, the new show has not likely to be released before the summer of 2023. Season 3 wrapped filming in March 2021 and released in September 2021, and Season 4’s post-production process will likely be similar to the previous season. Assuming that Netflix keeps a similar deadline schedule, the show will likely return between August and September 2023.  

Sex Education Season 4 Official Release Date, Plot, Cast, Expectations, and More in 2024

Sex Education Season 4: Expectations

At the end of every season, we have faced many questions unanswered, and this time there are no such exceptions.  

Otis and Maeve Pair Will Return?  

In the last season, we have seen that the pair finally expressed their feelings for each other and made a new romantic ambiance, Maeve just shocked us as she might be visiting the US for a couple of months, and for that time the relationship will be on hold.  

In the fourth, we will get the opportunity to see what the fate of this holding relationship is in the future after Maeve returns from America.  We are assuming apart from the two months; the time abroad might reveal the massive change in Maeve after her return.  

Emma Mackey opens up about the future of Maeve to ELLE, “I’m excited for her to make some new friends, to open up a bit more and she will get know about a different culture, and the different kind of world, and people. There is a question that arises as she always used to stay in little tiny bubbles.  This time how she will out of that bubble”  

Eric becomes independent  

We have mostly seen that Eric is frequently the voice of reason for Otis and a lot of time has served by being the moral compass of the show, however, this thing has been able to stop him from cheating on both boyfriends he has had. At first, he cheated on Rahim with the former bully Adam, and after that, in Nigeria, he cheated on Adam with the cameraman Oba.  

Eric also collapsed with Adam so that he can able to explore his sexuality without any tie in the relationship. Now the questions arise how Eric is able to explore his newfound confidence remains for seen, but there is also a chance to put Adam and Rahim on a course of collision for their own relationship.  

Joy’s Biological Father  

After the birth of his little sister Joy, you may think that Otis, Jean, Ola, and, and Jakob could become a happy family, but Jean got some unwelcome news when at the hospital and suggests strongly that Jakob cannot be the father of Joy anyway.  

We all know that Jean always had a   healthy sex life before the meeting with Jakob and getting such regular encounters with Dan and Harry. At the time Jean kissed her ex-boyfriend Remi, seemed to be actually something that we had not even seen on screen.  

We had seen their comeback of Dan in season 3, making a lot of comedic moments outside of the hospital and also joking about the possibility as the baby belongs to him. Now the face-off happens between Dan and Remi who will become the potential father, which definitely breaks their heart Jakob and maybe she has to pass some mental stress.  

Cal will be able to find themselves in a relationship?   

Cal is the only one of the two students whom we know at Moordale Academy as Non-binary. At the end of the season, Cal makes friends with Layla who is another non-binary student who faced a  lot of hardship throughout the entire season and also prefers to follow such rules and avoid the clash as it indicates such conflicts with their own beliefs.  

Layla also has a story as she hurt themselves not in the form of self-harm but also as the uneducated on to the right form to help to look less famine. For that the credit goes to Cal, Layla now has the proper concept of how to help themselves when preparing for school.  

Layla and Cal are the only non-binary students, that do not even indicate that they will always be together, but Cal clearly thinks to Jackson that they also needed to be entered into a relationship from the perspective that Cal was not looking like a    woman. Among all the students in the school, there are only Val and Layla who only understands each other well which may make their binding stronger.  

Moordale Future   

The students of Moordale got the succession the protest against principal Hope Haddon, but they also need a little bit more success. The public and proud protest of the students as the popular “Sex School” might be left the investors and boards for desperate measures. Hope was suspended from the chair of head of the school, and all the investors have taken their funding and left the board without any little choice just to sell the school.  

Now, these situations arise a big question about the future of Moordale in serious doubt and as a consequence, the students start to find a new school for them to complete their secondary education.   

In this tough situation, there is still hope while Jackson read his tablet the headline of an article said,” Sex School Inspires Protests Around the Country!” it means that entire students of the school take that exact stance then the government may have to make a choice for the future of teaching sex education in the UK that again open the door of Moordale to continue.  

Otis Restore the Sex Clinic or Not?   

As Otis and Maeve make up, such a decent lack of Sex Education at Moordale Academy could reveal Otis to recover to the Sex Clinic again for helping needy people.  

If it happens then it would be a great way to acquire Otis’ time when Maeve is in America. The problem is with the removal of the old toilets, Otis needs to get a new clinic to help the students.  

Sex Education Season 4 Official Release Date, Plot, Cast, Expectations, and More in 2024

Sex Education Season 4: Cast   

In this season we are going to see  Simone Ashley, Patricia Allison, and Tanya Reynolds (who play Olivia, Ola, and Lily) won’t be coming in season 4. Since Moordale has closed down, there is a possibility that all three teen girls will be attending different sixth-form colleges. Additionally, Rakhee Thakkar is also out of season 4, diminishing the small cast of adult characters in Sex Education. 

In order to balance out the exits, a handful of new names were added to the cast: Jodie Turner-Smith, Thaddea Graham, Marie Reuther, Felix Mufti, Anthony Lexa, Alexandra James, Imani Yahshua, and Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy. Turner-Smith accepted her part after being personally invited by Ncuti Gatwa. While details about her character are yet to be revealed, the actress mentioned that all her scenes are with Gatwa. 

Sex Education exposed the first images of the season in August 2022, one featuring Otis and Ruby posing together, and the other revealing important information about Maeve’s arc and Levy’s character. One of the pictures features Emma Mackey and Levy standing next to each other with an American flag behind them. The picture implies that season 4 might pick up shortly after where season 3 ended, with Maeve already settled in the United States.  

Sex Education Season 4: New Character  

Dan Levy is going to be the new cast in the fourth season. Levy will appear in the role of Thomas Mollot, who is a popular author and happens to be Maeve’s course tutor when she attends an Ivy League College in the USA. Levy is popular for Schitt’s Creek.

In 2022, it was reported that Andi Osho had been a part of the cast of Season 4. Osho will play the role of Cal’s mother, Nicky Bowman. Apart from them, we will see Bella Maclean as Jem, Anil Desai as Dr. Hunt, Anna Francolini as Gloria, Felix Mufti as Roman, Jodie Turner-Smith, Anthony Lexa as Abbi, Alexandra James as Aisha, Marie Reuther as Ellen, Reda Elazouar as Beau, Imani Yahshua as Tyrone, and Thaddea Graham.

Sex Education Season 4: Netflix Release Date   

Since January 2019, we have had at least one season each year, however, the fourth season is now at risk due to the first of the series that is going to break the streak.  A big thanks to Production Weekly who confirms that the filming will start sometime in July 2022 and is also expected to run until November 2022.  Now there is a risk as we would not see the show return in January 2023 as the report confirms that the post-production scheduling will be extremely tight.  

After the analysis, we are assuming that the fourth season with hit in the Spring or Summer of 2023.  Sex Education Season 4 has officially declared that the final season will hit on 21st September 2023.

Sex Education Season 4 Official Release Date, Plot, Cast, Expectations, and More in 2024

Will Sex Education Season 4 Be The Last? 

This is really a big question as Netflix hasn’t confirmed whether Sex Education’s season 4 will be the last, but there are many signs showing the show might soon come to an end. Along with the actor now playing the Fifteenth Doctor on Doctor Who, Gatwa’s Instagram post this February makes it clear that Season 4’s final shooting day was his last day on the Sex Education set. While there had been rumors that Maeve will not return for another season, Mackey did confirm in an interview with the RadioTimes that she doesn’t think she’ll return for season 5 as she has said: “Goodbye to Maeve”. 

We still have not gotten the official confirmation that Sex Education season 4 will be the last. You will get some of the latest additions coming to the series, there are likely going to be even more unique characters. If Otis, Eric, Maeve, and the rest of the gang finish the sixth form, there is a chance that they may pass on the torch to the new characters. 

Sex Education Season 5: Renewal Status   

Aimee Lou Wood told Radio Times that she is not quite sure the show could be continued by saying: “I’m not sure because there’s a part of me that could just do it forever. But there’s also a part of me that’s like, ‘No – we’ve all got to go and do different things and play different parts. It’s a bittersweet thing because it probably is, even if it’s not this series, it probably is closer now to ending than it is to the start. Which is sad but also probably in many ways, will be positive. I always think to leave them wanting more as well. Always leave them wanting more.”  

Asa Butterfield said to Digital Spy “I don’t think it needs more than four or five. But who knows”.  


  1. When will Sex Education Season 4 be released?

    The eight-episode season will debut globally on Netflix on Thursday, Sept. 21

  2. The series has completed the shooting?

    Yes, the series wrapped up the shooting in February 2023

  3. Where can I watch “Sex Education” Season 4?

    “Sex Education” Season 4 will be available for streaming exclusively on Netflix, like previous seasons. Viewers with a Netflix subscription will have access to the new season.

  4. How can fans support the renewal of “Sex Education” for Season 4?

    Fans can show their support for “Sex Education” and help increase the chances of Season 4 being renewed by engaging with the show on social media, streaming it on Netflix, and expressing their enthusiasm for future seasons.

  5. Where can I find updates and news about Sex Education Season 4?

    You can follow Netflix’s official social media accounts and check entertainment news websites for updates on Sex Education Season 4.

  6. Are there any teaser trailers or promotional materials available for Season 4?

    As of now, there are no teaser trailers or promotional materials available for Season 4. Fans will need to wait for official announcements from Netflix.

  7. What sets “Sex Education” apart from other teen dramas?

    “Sex Education” stands out for its frank and honest portrayal of teenage sexuality, as well as its diverse and well-developed characters. It also addresses taboo topics with humor and sensitivity.

  8. What unresolved storylines might be addressed in Sex Education Season 4?

    If Sex Education Season 4 happens, it could potentially address unresolved storylines such as character relationships, sexual identity exploration, and personal growth among the students and faculty of Moordale Secondary School.

  9. Are there any new characters in Season 4?

    Yes, each season typically introduces new characters to explore fresh storylines. Details about new characters for Season 4 have yet to be fully disclosed.

  10. Are there any hints about the plot of Season 4?

    As of now, there are no official plot details for Season 4. However, it may continue to address the unresolved storylines from the previous seasons and introduce new challenges for the characters.

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