Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Samsung to focus on ‘Ultra’ in 2023!

In a blog post that was just published by Samsung, TM Roh set the stage for the company’s first live launch event ever since the pandemic’s beginning on February 1. Roh doesn’t provide many specifics, but he does indicate that the smartphone camera system has been improved and that everyone should anticipate two new products that set the new premium benchmark for innovation.

Samsung to focus on 'Ultra' in 2023!

Looking between the lines, it appears that this refers to two new Ultra devices, similar to last year when enthusiasts received the huge Tab S8 Ultra tablet and Note-like S22 Ultra. It appears very likely that Samsung’s brand new 200-megapixel sensor will be used in the S23 Ultra based on this blog article, past leaks, and the company hint. A second periscope telephoto lens, a brighter display, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor are all suggested by leaks and rumors at least in the US.

2 55 Samsung to focus on 'Ultra' in 2023!

It is already considered that the mobile camera on the S22 Ultra is among the best of the previous year, so fans are eager to see how these camera enhancements turn out. The Galaxy Book is quite likely to be the other Ultra; Samsung’s online reservation site offers both Galaxy Smartphone and Galaxy Book options, or both if you’re a super-achiever.

3 47 Samsung to focus on 'Ultra' in 2023!

Samsung defines Ultra as huge, according to Roh: ‘Ultra implies big to Samsung. Extremely bold is the word ‘ultra’. Ultra refers to the very best in performance. However, perhaps in the upcoming generation, the colloquial meaning of Ultra will change to ‘has a stylus’. Given that the Note as well as its S Pen connection were swallowed by the S22 Ultra, it makes it logical for a Galaxy Book to bear the stylus connection through. Soon enough, all will become clear: on February 1st, pencils will be down as it is learned all there is to know about Samsung’s offerings.


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