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Samsung and Motorola Showcase Bendable Phones at MWC 2024

The emerging trend of foldable smartphones is gradually gaining popularity, with more brands embracing innovative designs. Despite starting slow more users are now embracing technologies giving brands the confidence to explore ideas. At the MWC 2024 event, Samsung and Motorola showcased their concepts for phones hinting at a promising future.

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All About the Samsung and Motorola Showcasing Foldable Tech at MWC 2024

Samsung revealed the ‘Cling Band,’ a phone that can be bent and worn as a wristband. This device features an OLED screen serving as both a smartphone and a smartwatch. In its state, it looks like a smartphone but slimmer with no front bezels. The back of the phone has a camera module and heart rate monitor while the bottom houses a USB Type C port and loudspeaker. A groove-like structure supports the screen when bent giving it an appearance.

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Although this concept is still in development it highlights Samsung’s screen technology. Besides this innovation, Samsung also showcased concepts such as circular screens on wireless headphones and charging cases for TWS earbuds that show various information, like battery levels and audio settings. Meanwhile, Motorola introduced its version of a phone called the Adaptive Display which can be flexed into different shapes based on user preferences.

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A special feature enables the phone to curve around your wrist, accompanied by wallpapers that match your outfit. The gadget features a 6.9-inch pOLED screen, where the upper portion bends upwards to form a 4.6-inch screen on your wrist, for tasks such, as browsing social media or having video chats.

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The tent mode offers a convenient way to watch videos on a smaller screen. To enhance grip, the phone’s back panel is covered in fabric. Like Samsung’s offering, Motorola’s bendable phone remains a concept model for now, leaving anticipation for potential future developments.


  1. <strong>Can you buy these bendable phones showcased by Samsung and Motorola at MWC 2024?</strong>

    No, these phones are still in the concept stage and not available for purchase.


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