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Samsung could launch the Galaxy S22 Series later in 2021 with an Exynos 2200 and an SD 898 SoC

Samsung may release the Galaxy S22 series later on this year as opposed to the earlier speculations that pointed out at a launch early in 2022. This news may tick some Galaxy S21 users off as Samsung usually releases the Galaxy Series during the fall, however, the latest tips suggest that the South Korean giant may end up launching the Galaxy S22 Series by the end of 2021.

The next flagship device from Samsung will be powered by the Exynos 2200 chipset, and it will power some of the Galaxy S22 Series devices, reports from South Korea claim that Samsung may do something it has never done before and introduce phones with its in-house chipset to the United States and China.

gsmarena 002 Samsung could launch the Galaxy S22 Series later in 2021 with an Exynos 2200 and an SD 898 SoC

Two major carriers in the countries, Verizon and China Telecom have begun negotiations with Samsung of gaining exclusive variants with Exynos chipsets whereas their domestic competitors got the Qualcomm option.

For the past 5 years, Samsung has split the chipsets of its S line in different markets, while the United States and China got the latest Snapdragon platform by Qualcomm, most other markets received the fastest Exynos chipset available.

However, it appears that the latest Exynos is proving to be a powerhouse and that is why carriers are attempting to cut a deal at the earliest with the Korean manufacturer.

This information, coming from the South Korean Bulletin Board, also revealed that 100% of Galaxy S22 smartphones in Europe will get the next Exynos as is the tradition, but India may witness a switch to team Qualcomm.

ffffff Samsung could launch the Galaxy S22 Series later in 2021 with an Exynos 2200 and an SD 898 SoC

Another interesting aspect the source reveals is that the situation has led to internal turmoil in Samsung’s HQ. The IT & Mobile communications department is requesting the semiconductor team to lower the cost of the chip “due to the low yield of Exynos 2200.” The mobile team has already begun negotiations with Qualcomm for lower prices, and that is why Samsung is having a hard time declining any propositions.

If we do in fact see a release of the Galaxy S22 Series towards the end of 2021, it may not sit as well with the brand’s loyalists. Although Samsung has made similar moves previously, the company did release the Galaxy S21 Series in January rather than the March/April timeline that is usually kept for these phones.

If Samsung does go ahead and do this, it would probably be because they are looking to squeeze in more devices in a full calendar year beginning with 2022.

These are just rumors so take this with a grain of salt, let us know how you feel about this, and is Samsung rushing things?

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