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Rohit Sharma Is The First Indian Player to Criticize BCCI’s Impact Player Rule As He’s ‘Not a Fan’ of It in IPL

Rohit Sharma’s remarks prompt a pertinent inquiry: does the Impact Player rule, though inventive, impede the nurturing of a pivotal player archetype in international cricket?

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Rohit Sharma, Image Credits- MI Twitter

The BCCI may need to ponder over the enduring effects on the national team and examine potential adjustments to the rule that foster the evolution of versatile all-rounders.

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Impact Player Rule: Enhancing Flexibility or Detrimental to All-rounders?

Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma has ignited a discussion regarding the IPL’s “Impact Player” regulation, drawing attention to a possible issue in identifying future seam-bowling all-rounders akin to Hardik Pandya or any all-rounder in general.

Introduced in 2023, the rule permits teams to designate one substitute as an “Impact Player” during an Indian Premier League match, substituting a starter at strategic junctures. This offers tactical versatility, empowering teams to introduce a pinch hitter, a fresh bowler, or a specialist to counter the opposition’s tactics.

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Shiva Dube Image Credits CSK Twitter Rohit Sharma Is The First Indian Player to Criticize BCCI’s Impact Player Rule As He's 'Not a Fan' of It in IPL
Shiva Dube, Image Credits – CSK Twitter

While the rule injects excitement and tactical intricacy, Rohit Sharma posits it may yield unintended consequences. He voiced apprehensions that it could impede the progression of all-rounders such as Shivam Dube and Washington Sundar. With teams having the option to deploy specialist bowlers or batsmen, the necessity for a player excelling in both facets could diminish.

What did Rohit Sharma said on Impact Player?

Rohit Sharma said on the ‘Club Prairie Fire’ YouTube channel: “I am not big fan of impact player rule, honestly speaking. It is going to hold all-rounders back, guys like Shivam Dube & Washington Sundar aren’t getting to bowl which is not a good thing for us – it is entertaining as there are 12 players, giving lots of options”.

Rohit’s remarks surface just two weeks before Indian selectors finalize and submit the provisional 15-man squad for the T20 World Cup, slated to take place in the Caribbean and the USA starting from June 1. One of the most significant dilemmas confronting India’s team management is whether to include players like Dube among the all-rounders in the squad.

However, the challenge for the Indian selection panel, headed by former India fast bowler Ajit Agarkar, lies in Dube’s limited recent bowling activity, even in domestic cricket, and his absence from bowling in IPL 2024, where he represents defending champions Chennai Super Kings. Dube emerged as a potential candidate for the all-rounder role following impressive performances in the three-match T20I series against Afghanistan in January, during which he bowled seven overs. Meanwhile, Washington Sundar, primarily known as an off-spinner but also capable of batting in various positions, has featured in just one game for Sunrisers Hyderabad this season.

India has predominantly relied on the trio of Ravindra Jadeja, Hardik Pandya, and Axar Patel as all-rounders who also bolster the batting lineup, yet the fitness and form of the latter two have been subjects of discussion.

Rohit Sharma Image Credits MI Twitter 1 Rohit Sharma Is The First Indian Player to Criticize BCCI’s Impact Player Rule As He's 'Not a Fan' of It in IPL
Rohit Sharma, Image Credits – MI Twitter

Even in 2023, while he said he “liked” the Impact Player Rule, Rohit had said he was skeptical about how it would affect the role of allrounders. “I don’t know whether it will impact an allrounder,” Rohit had said last season at Mumbai’s season-opening press conference, when he was the captain. “An allrounder will always be an allrounder. No matter what stage of the game, it will give you an option of bowling him any time, making him bat anytime. So allrounder will remain allrounder. Yes, with that 12th player, you can always fill that gap of having that balance of having a fifth or probably sixth bowler or an extra batter.”

While he is critical of the Impact Player rule now, Rohit said he had no solution to offer to IPL. “I don’t know what you can do about it, but I’m not a fan of it honestly speaking,” he said. “Because there’s obviously 12 players for you to select from and whoever that impact player is, you can see how the game is going and change it later depending on what you need, what pitch is behaving.”

If you bat well, if you don’t lose wickets, you can add another bowler so it gives you an option of having six or seven bowlers. You don’t need that extra batter because a lot of the teams actually upfront are batting well, and then you hardly see Nos. 7 or 8 coming to bat.”

Why All-rounders Are Crucial: The Hardik Pandya Paradigm

Hardik Pandya’s significance in India’s triumphs in limited-overs cricket serves as a quintessential illustration. His capacity to make substantial contributions with both bat and ball bestows unparalleled equilibrium to the team’s structure.

Hardik Pandya Image Credits MI Twitter 1 Rohit Sharma Is The First Indian Player to Criticize BCCI’s Impact Player Rule As He's 'Not a Fan' of It in IPL
Hardik Pandya, Image Credits – MI Twitter

Nevertheless, India presently grapples with a dearth of a suitable successor for Hardik Pandya, and the Impact Player rule might not adequately address this issue or spur teams to nurture such players.

Global Perspective: All-rounders Shaping World Cricket

All-rounders reign supreme in T20 international cricket. Teams such as Australia, England, and West Indies have consistently leaned on seam-bowling all-rounders like Ben Stokes, Mitchell Marsh, Andre Russell, and Keiron Pollard, whose contributions have been pivotal in securing their World Cup triumphs. These players offer a vital advantage in terms of versatility and versatility.

However, with the IPL potentially impeding the growth of all-rounders, it will undoubtedly pose a challenge for the Indian Cricket Team to discover the next Hardik Pandya.

A Reassessment Needed?

Rohit Sharma’s remarks prompt a pertinent inquiry: is the Impact Player rule, though innovative, impeding the nurturing of a vital player archetype for international cricket? The BCCI may need to contemplate the enduring effects on the national team and delve into potential adjustments to the rule that promote the development of well-rounded all-rounders.

The discussion is bound to persist as the cricketing community evaluates the entertainment appeal and strategic benefits of the Impact Player versus its potential ramifications on cultivating all-rounders, an indispensable element in T20 cricket’s worldwide context.


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