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Qualcomm Technologies Powers Up the Future of IoT at Embedded World 2024

Qualcomm Technologies solidified its position as a leader in the embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem at the recent Embedded World Exhibition & Conference. The company showcased its commitment to driving digital transformation across industries with cutting-edge solutions for various applications.

Qualcomm Announces Breakthrough Wi-Fi Technology and Introduces New AI-Ready IoT and  Industrial Platforms at Embedded World 2024

A Thriving Ecosystem of Innovation:

  • Over 35 companies, including design centers, distributors, and software vendors, showcased solutions powered by Qualcomm® processors.
  • These solutions spanned diverse sectors such as robotics, manufacturing, asset management, edge AI, automotive, and more.
Snapdragon 8cx Gen 4

Unveiling Next-Gen Products for Empowered Customers:

The company unveiled exciting additions to its product portfolio, empowering customers to develop groundbreaking IoT solutions:

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  • Qualcomm® QCC730 Wi-Fi Solution: This disruptive micro-power Wi-Fi system boasts an 88% reduction in power consumption compared to previous generations.
    • Ideal for battery-powered applications in industrial, commercial, and consumer domains.
    • Open-source IDE and SDK facilitate development by enabling cloud connectivity offloading.
    • Versatile for both Wi-Fi and high-performance Bluetooth® applications.
    • Complements existing products like QCC711 (low-power Bluetooth® SoC) and QCC740 (Thread, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® solution).
  • Qualcomm RB3 Gen 2 Platform: This comprehensive hardware-software solution caters to a wide range of IoT and embedded applications.
    • Powered by the Qualcomm® QCS6490 processor, it delivers high-performance processing, a 10x boost in on-device AI, and support for advanced features like:
      • Quadruple 8MP+ camera sensors
      • Computer vision
      • Integrated Wi-Fi 6E
    • Ideal for robots, drones, industrial handheld devices, cameras, edge boxes, and intelligent displays.
    • Pre-order available in two development kits with downloadable software updates for simplified development and prototyping.
    • Backed by the Qualcomm AI Hub library with pre-optimized AI models for faster time-to-market and on-device AI benefits (immediacy, reliability, privacy, personalization, cost savings).
    • Supported by Qualcomm® Linux, a unified Linux distribution with a Long-Term Support (LTS) kernel for a consistent developer experience.
    • Open-source expertise bolstered by the acquisition of Foundries.io for faster product commercialization.
Qualcomm Technologies Powers Up the Future of IoT at Embedded World 2024

Industrial-Grade Solutions on the Horizon:

Qualcomm Technologies is expanding its portfolio to include an industrial-grade platform focused on:

  • Functional Safety: Meeting System Integrity Level certification for critical applications.
  • Environmental Resilience: Operating within wider temperature ranges for industrial environments.
  • Mechanical Handling: Industrial-grade module packaging for enhanced durability.

This solution, expected in June 2024, will cater to demanding industrial applications with features like:

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  • High-performance CPU, GPU, and on-device AI.
  • Advanced safe camera ISP with multi-camera support.
  • Industrial I/O capabilities.

Qualcomm Technologies is at the forefront of the IoT revolution, empowering developers and businesses to create a future driven by intelligent and connected devices.


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