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PUMA onboards Kareena Kapoor, Vineeta Singh for the WPL season

PUMA, a global sports brand committed to advancing the sports ecosystem in India, has orchestrated an unprecedented collaboration, assembling a remarkable group of female icons to champion the cause of women’s cricket in the country. This pioneering initiative, valued at one of the industry’s largest deals, signifies a pivotal moment for women’s sports and marks a significant step towards fostering gender equality in the sports arena.

PUMA Unites Influential Women for a Groundbreaking Movement in Indian Women’s Cricket

Unique Coalition of Influential Voices

Under this extraordinary partnership, influential figures including renowned actor and entrepreneur Kareena Kapoor Khan, accomplished businesswoman and SUGAR Cosmetics co-founder Vineeta Singh, boxing legend MC Mary Kom, fashion designer Masaba Gupta, and esteemed news anchor Faye D’Souza have joined forces to advocate for women’s cricket. Together, they will collectively attend a Women’s Premier League (WPL) match in New Delhi on March 10, in support of women athletes, hosting a special Ladies’ Night to celebrate their endeavors.

Amplifying the Message Through Digital Platforms

PUMA unveiled this monumental collaboration through a captivating digital film voiced by the iconic leaders, shedding light on the stark gender bias prevalent in the sports ecosystem. The film emphasized the drastic disparity in viewership between men’s and women’s cricket, with women’s cricket receiving only 1/8th of the viewership garnered by men’s cricket, as per official digital viewership data of 2023. This insightful narrative serves as a clarion call for a much-needed shift in the paradigm of women’s sports viewership.

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Empowering Women Through Sports Advocacy

Commenting on this historic occasion, Karthik Balagopalan, Managing Director of PUMA India, highlighted the brand’s unwavering commitment to dismantling gender biases and propelling women’s sports into the spotlight. This campaign represents a pivotal moment in cultivating an equitable sporting landscape, with influential women leveraging their platforms to champion the cause of women’s cricket.

Influential Voices Rally for Change

PUMA ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, expressed her enthusiasm for PUMA’s initiative, emphasizing the need to elevate women’s cricket within the sports landscape. Her sentiments echoed the collective resolve to galvanize female viewership and participation in women’s cricket, aligning with PUMA’s vision for transformative change.

A Historic Movement in Women’s Cricket

As the Women’s Premier League gains momentum nationwide, PUMA’s groundbreaking initiative aims to ignite a widespread conversation around women’s cricket, fostering a sense of community and empowerment. This historic movement transcends the boundaries of sports, encapsulating the spirit of entrepreneurship, empowerment, and inclusivity.

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Uniting for Progress and Empowerment

Vineeta Singh, Cofounder of SUGAR Cosmetics, emphasized the significance of breaking barriers and empowering women, underscoring the transformative impact of transcending gender biases in sports. Likewise, fashion designer Masaba Gupta highlighted the pivotal role of female athletes as role models, advocating for greater inclusivity and celebration of athletic achievements across genders.

Championing the Future of Women’s Cricket

PUMA’s steadfast commitment to propelling women’s sports into the limelight is underscored by its association with Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Capitals, alongside a star-studded lineup of brand ambassadors. This amalgamation of influential figures and sports icons underscores PUMA’s unwavering dedication to revolutionize women’s cricket and inspire a new generation of women athletes.

In conclusion, PUMA’s groundbreaking initiative serves as a powerful testament to the brand’s commitment to championing women’s sports and fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment in the realm of cricket. This historic collaboration resonates as a transformative force, propelling women’s cricket into the forefront of the Indian sports landscape.

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