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Possible Pre–Order Date For GTA 6 Leaked

Have you played previous games of the GTA series and now eagerly waiting for the GTA 6? Then just know that pre–order date for GTA 6 has been leaked.

Want to know more about the pre–order date and what it requires, then you have landed on the right page. Here we are going to share every detail of pre–order date for GTA 6 with you. So without any delays let’s dive in.

Pre – Order Date For GTA 6 Is Leaked

If you have played the earlier entry games of the GTA series then you must know how difficult is to wait. And when millions of people are waiting for one thing, it is normal to have it leak first.

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The same is happening with the new game entry in the series and it is facing several leaks in the past few months. Sometimes it is about the leaked map of the game, and sometimes about the main characters or the trailer release date.

As per the leakers, the promotional video of the GTA 6 will be out in the early days of December. This single leak is important for the players who are waiting for the pre–order date because it will be around its trailer launch.

The news on the pre–order date for GTA 6 was leaked by an X/Twitter account, focused on Rockstar Games. The account shared some screenshots of a chat between possible account holders and one shop about the pre–order date for the upcoming game.

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And the shop said that it would be before the middle of December. So by this screenshot, the account has tried to prove that the pre–order date for GTA 6 will be in early December.

It is also suitable in the context of the leak of the official trailer launch date, which also corresponds to the same time of the month. However, there is no surety that these leaks and rumors are true.

Why, well because, it can be possible that the GTA 6 trailer is going to be launched in early December. And even if the pre–order date for GTA 6 is the same as the one shared in the leak, there is no guarantee that players will get their hands on this game so quickly.

In some various cases it is seen that even after the announcement of the pre–order date, the launching of the game takes some time. It can be even a full year, because of technical improvements or any other reason.

Also what makes this good news is that it provided some hope for the players who are desperately waiting for the GTA 6. For them this leak on pre–order date for GTA 6 means a lot.


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