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PokerBaazi.com urges users to celebrate Diwali responsibly with its new campaign – Iss Diwali, Deepak Jalega, Patakhe Nahi

As the Diwali fervour starts to gather momentum across India with everyone getting into the festive mood with their friends and family, PokerBaazi.com – the biggest online poker platform in India, aims to spread the message of celebrating Diwali in an environment-friendly manner by going cracker free with the launch of their new campaign – Iss Diwali, Deepak Jalega, Patakhe Nahi.

The film features College Romance fame Gagan Arora (Bagga) and Keshav Sadhna (Karan) who have been chosen keeping in mind the youth connect for the brand to resonate with. In the film, the characters can be seen engaging in a tale of friendly banter between two long-time friends and with an underlying message that it’s better to make friends jealous than bursting crackers, in a pun intended way.

The campaign film, #DeepakJalegaPokerChalega showcases how, Gagan, a Poker player, has made Diwali celebrations grand by applying his skills in the game of Poker and winning big. Meanwhile, upon learning about his friend’s success in Poker, Deepak, played by Keshav, comically combusts into a flurry of soot and ash. The film’s quirky take on the word ‘Deepak’ brings forth the message of not bursting crackers and consciously urges viewers to spread light and cheer this Diwali. 

Expressing his excitement on the launch of the campaign, Mr. Varun Ganjoo, Co-founder & Marketing Director, Baazi Games, said,” PokerBaazi has constantly been finding unique ways of bringing the game of Poker nearer to the masses. Every year during Diwali, we make sure to bring the story of Poker in an innovative and relatable manner and Iss Diwali, Deepak Jalega, Patakhe Nahi is our unique take on celebrating Diwali responsibly with Poker rather than indulging in bursting crackers leading to an environmental hazard and noise pollution.”

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PokerBaazi.com has always been at the forefront of communicating through unique and entertaining campaigns sending a clear message about the growing popularity of the game of poker. Last year’s Diwali campaign “Kissa Kaju Katli ka” unfolded a new and fun way of playing poker with your family during Diwali with the exchange of sweets which was very well received by the community.  The brand recently launched its marquee campaign “You Hold the Cards” featuring brand ambassador Shahid Kapoor which has garnered over a billion impressions in the last 3 months across TV, OTTs, and various digital media channels.

Brand film link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcDUT9ojbGM


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