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Get Ready For The PlayStation Plus Free Games 2024 Out

Yes, you heard it right, The PlayStation Plus free games 2024 are revealed and as you can expect, they are very exciting. It’s not long ago since PlayStation Plus was released by Sony for players.

This gaming console comes with its own set of premium and free games. And here we are talking about PlayStation Plus free games in 2024.

This lineup of free games will be available to players from next month, April 2. If you are excited to know what are these PlayStation Plus free games 2024, well then no worries because we are here. In this article, we are going to discuss that only, so without any delays let’s dive in.

PlayStation Plus Free Games 2024

Recently PlayStation has announced its next batch of PlayStation Plus free games 2024 for the subscribers. This is for the April 2024’s PS Plus Essential lineup.

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There are three games in the PlayStation Plus free games 2024 lineup: Minecraft Legends, Immortals of Aveum and Skul: The Hero Slayer.

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All these games are newly launched and very popular among players. So now when these games are available on PlayStation Plus, then players of the gaming console can enjoy them.

These games will be available to players starting on April 2, and as March is fast approaching, make sure you have March freebies in your bag. With that, we also have to talk about these games so that you can know beforehand.

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Minecraft Legends is a pleasant spin – off game from the main game of Minecraft. The gameplay is swapped and instead of open – world design the game is based on action – strategy gameplay.

WhatsApp Image 2024 03 30 at 10.36.06 PM jpeg Get Ready For The PlayStation Plus Free Games 2024 Out

In the game, you will get marching Piglins, have to form alliances with new friends and lead your troops in battles. Also, you have to protect your Overworld from a sinister threat.

The next game from PlayStation Plus free games 2024 is Skul: The Hero Slayer featuring a lowly skeleton Skul. In the game you can choose your adventure and can set on a fight with a band of heroic adventures.

Also, you will get a chance to attack the Demon King and free all your imprisoned your friends. In this quirky 2D action game you will get lush pixel–art graphics and a lot more.

Last but not least the PlayStation Plus free game 2024 is Immortals of Aveum which was launched last year. The game is a sweeping and grand tale of elite battlemages who are banding together to protect the world.

In the game, you harness the arcane powers within the first–person magic – shooting design gameplay. And if you love old-school games then this game is just perfect for you. So, now its turn to get started with PlayStation Plus free games 2024.


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