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PlayStation Plus Comes with long-awaited Updates         

Sony is going to make a huge change with PlayStation Plus that follows such investigation along with the competition of UK and Markets Authority. GamesIndustry.biz already confirmed that Sony also will now get into the touch along with PlayStation Plus subscribers that is definitely not been used actively by their account but to remind them how to cancel as their desires.

The company currently stops taking the payments belonging to the users that have not cancelled the service but can use it actively. The CMA’s latest-concluded investigation also had been related to the auto-renewal policies along with the video game industry, and it also has resulted in changes to Nintendo Switch Online and Xbox Game Pass.

Michael Grenfell reveals that CMA’s executive director of enforcement that also has been praised a lot for taking the moves by this video game industry.

PlayStation Plus Premium includes the PlayStation Plus Collection, but fans  are still waiting for unanswered questions - Game News 24

Grenfell said,” As a  result of our  investigations, a number  of changes have been  made  across this sector  to protect customers and help  tackle concerns about auto-renewing subscriptions,” he also added, ” Today’s announcement, therefore, concludes our investigations  into the online  video gaming  sector.”

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At this time there are also everyone contains more subscriptions than they can evoke, the professional shift in the policy from Sony is the welcome one. When there is a company that also has not exactly how long it would wait before contacting the users with the accounts that also have been idle that seems just like a  safe bet that the policy has not any impact on PlayStation Plus subscribers as the regular take advantages of the service. Now the fans of the PlayStation are also using it on regular basis or weekly they will probably not have to worry about not being contacted.

PlayStation Plus revamp launches in June: All the new subscription details

We wish, this update will encourage similar decisions from the companies outside the industry of gaming! It contains more transparency like a good thing and that could prove to be beneficial to the consumers. Now the types of such policies also lead to the cancelling of such unusual subscriptions or that may bring more diligence about using them. Now it just remains whether such other companies might follow the suit, but Grenfell seems to be optimistic about that possibility.

Grenfell also said,” Companies in other  sectors  which offer  subscriptions  that auto-renew should  review their practices for  ensuring as they comply along with the consumer protection law.”

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