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PKL 2023 Auction: Everything you need to know about Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 Auction

PKL 2023 Auction: The anticipation for the upcoming Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) season is reaching its peak as the auction for the 10th edition of the league is set to take place in Mumbai on September 8th and 9th. With new players joining the fray and franchises strategizing to build their dream teams, the PKL Season 10 auction promises to be a thrilling affair.

Let’s have a look into the key details and expectations surrounding this highly-anticipated event: PKL 2023 Auction

Increased Salary Purse

For the 10th season, each PKL franchise will have a total Salary Purse of INR 5 crore, a significant increase from the previous seasons. This enhanced purse gives teams more financial flexibility to acquire top talent and strengthen their squads.

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Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 Auction: A Glance at the Exciting Kabaddi Showdown

Categorization of Players

Both domestic and overseas players participating in the auction will be divided into four categories: A, B, C, and D. Within each category, players will be further classified as ‘All-Rounders,’ ‘Defenders,’ and ‘Raiders.’ This categorization provides a structured approach to team-building and enables franchises to target specific player types based on their strategic requirements.

Base Prices

The base prices for each category are as follows:

  • Category A: INR 30 Lakh
  • Category B: INR 20 Lakh
  • Category C: INR 13 Lakh
  • Category D: INR 9 Lakh

These base prices set the starting point for player bids during the auction and reflect the perceived value of players based on their skills and performance.

Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 Auction: A Glance at the Exciting Kabaddi Showdown

Retention of Players

Franchises have the option to retain players from their PKL Season 9 squads as per the league’s policies. Under the Elite Retained Players classification, teams can retain up to six players, subject to stipulated conditions. Retained players bring continuity and stability to the squads while allowing franchises to build around their core strengths.

The Exciting Auction Process

Players who are not retained by the franchises, along with a pool of 500+ players, will go under the hammer during the two-day auction process in Mumbai. This intense bidding war between the teams adds a layer of excitement as franchises compete to secure the best kabaddi talents for their respective squads.

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Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 Auction: A Glance at the Exciting Kabaddi Showdown

The PKL Season 10 auction is a key milestone for the Pro Kabaddi League, marking its 10th edition and setting the stage for a thrilling season ahead. With an increased salary purse, well-defined player categories, and the retention of seasoned players, the auction promises to be a captivating event for kabaddi enthusiasts. As teams strategize, bid, and build their squads, the excitement builds for the action-packed kabaddi showdown that awaits fans in the upcoming season.

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