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Pixel 10 Lineup Rumored to Adopt 3nm SoC, Potential Collaboration with TSMC

The Tensor G4 is expected to debut sometime later this year in the Pixel 9 series, as part of Google’s continued relationship with Samsung as its foundry partner. However, rumors have circulated that the Tensor G5 might emerge in the Pixel 10 lineup next year and use a 3nm SoC from TSMC instead.

Google is believed to have just debuted a large research and development facility in Taiwan, which might mean that the technology organization is working with TSMC to create its most cutting-edge silicon to date.

Pixel 10

The Rumors About Pixel 10 Lineup

It warns that “our more advanced rivals are already” providing alerts about Google’s delays, which is available to the general public, indicating that Samsung may be replaced by TSMC and needed for catching the Pixel 10 family. News releases also report that the first 3nm chip, christened the Tensor G5, to be developed by Google itself is being “developed at an accelerated pace,” as indicated by the Taiwanese R&D expansion and securing there of local semiconductor talent.

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image 1 270 jpg Pixel 10 Lineup Rumored to Adopt 3nm SoC, Potential Collaboration with TSMC

Although the chip’s name does not exist and has yet to be proven accurate, expect to see a three-dimensional SoC 3nm for the Pixel 10 and the Tensor G5. Previous reports hinted that the chipmaker plans to utilize TSMC’s 3nm ‘N3E’ process technology. For instance, the M4 chipset powders Apple’s iPad Pro 2022 models.

Elsewhere, the expansion of its campus in Tainan could enable Google to operate more closely with TSMC. Apart from the fact that the foundry’s experience working with the chipmaker would enable the firmware to unleash more potential from users’ systems by optimizing their performance profiles for the use of Tensor G5, that would be a nice option, if not for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and Dimensity 9400 SoCs of Google’s opponents set to launch — all produced by TSMC’s 3nm ‘N3E’ node — later this year.

image 1 271 jpg Pixel 10 Lineup Rumored to Adopt 3nm SoC, Potential Collaboration with TSMC

Consequently, the Pixel 10 series will be one step back from the battle and the other feature will need to be breathtaking to switch users’ heads. These areas could include enhanced on-device AI capabilities or superior imaging and video recording features. While details remain scarce, updates on Google‘s progress are anticipated in the near future.

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  1. What does “3nm SoC” mean for the Pixel 10 lineup?

    “3nm SoC” refers to the advanced semiconductor technology expected to power the Pixel 10 smartphones. Smaller nanometer size often signifies improved performance and efficiency.

  2. How might Google’s collaboration with TSMC impact Pixel 10 development?

    Google’s potential partnership with TSMC could enhance the performance and efficiency of Pixel 10’s SoC. This collaboration may also facilitate the adoption of TSMC’s cutting-edge 3nm process technology for superior smartphone capabilities.


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