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Panasonic Unveils 2024 Line-Up of Air Conditioners, Introducing Matter-Enabled RACs

Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND), a leading diversified technology company, has announced its exciting 2024 line-up of Air Conditioners, including the latest range of Matter-enabled Room Air Conditioners (RACs). This announcement comes as part of Panasonic’s commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of consumers in the smart appliance realm.

Panasonic launches new AC line-up for 2024, including Matter-enabled RACs

Meeting Consumer Needs Through Innovation

In response to the growing demand for cooling appliances, Panasonic has introduced a total of 60 new models across its complete range of ACs. These new models are now available for consumers across all leading outlets, e-commerce platforms, and the Panasonic Brand Store. The range of Air Conditioners equipped with Matter protocol is available in 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0-ton models, catering to a wide spectrum of consumer preferences and requirements.

Mr. Fumiyasu Fujimori, Managing Director of PMIN, Panasonic Life Solutions India, highlighted the multifaceted considerations of consumers when dealing with AC-related issues, extending beyond basic cooling. The recently commissioned study, “Panasonic’s 2024 Young Parents Everyday Life Concerns,” emphasized indoor air hygiene, efficiency, and technological integration as key concerns. In line with these insights, the new line-up of ACs, comprising India’s first Matter-enabled RACs, aims to provide inter-operability, ease of use, reliability, and security.

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Redefining the Smart Home Experience

Mr. Abhishek Verma, Business Head of Air Conditioners Group at PMIN, PLSIND, emphasized Panasonic’s commitment to innovation and meeting changing consumer preferences. The integration of Matter with the Miraie platform aims to redefine the smart home experience by providing inter-operability, simplicity, reliability, and security. This move represents a significant step in ensuring flexibility and convenience for consumers in the realm of smart appliances.

Panasonic’s expertise of over 65 years in developing Air Conditioners shines through in the tech-enabled new range. The focus is on delivering Cooling, Quality, and a Connected experience to redefine smart living. The new range of ACs incorporates cutting-edge technologies to ensure performance, reliability, and a connected living experience.

Key Technologies and Features

  • Cooling Performance: Technologies such as Jetstream, Converti7, Aerowings, and 4-Way Inflow deliver higher Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), ensuring top-notch cooling performance.
  • Indoor Air Quality and Reliability: The nanoeTMX and nanoeTMG technologies work to eliminate particulate matter, dust particles, bacteria, and viruses, ensuring a healthy indoor air quality. Additionally, inverter, ECOTOUGH, ShieldBlu+, ECONAVI, AG Clean+, and Crystal Clean technologies guarantee reliability and energy optimization.
  • Connectivity for Smart Living: The integration of Matter with the Miraie platform enables seamless interoperability across smart devices, providing consumers with a connected living experience.

Panasonic’s commitment to ‘Make in India‘ is reflected in the manufacturing of all ACs at their Technopark plant in Haryana, further reinforcing their dedication to local production and quality.

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As Panasonic unveils its 2024 line-up of Air Conditioners, consumers can expect cutting-edge technology, reliability, and a seamless connected living experience. With a strong focus on innovation and meeting consumer needs, Panasonic is poised to make a significant impact in the smart appliances’ market.

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